July 20, 2024

8 thoughts on “Tricare for Burned Vegetables

  1. John,

    My apologies for not being a faithful reader of your blog for a while. I saw your post in Facebook so I headed on over to catch up on things. When are you heading to Texas? I will return to the Philippines sometime in April and hopefully to Samar sometime in early May.

    We have rented a small apartment in Calbayog so I could have internet for my work. I don’t remember the name of the street but it is centrally located and was built just last year. It is about halfway between Magsaysay Blvd and the highway and about 5 or 6 blocks south of Nijaga Park We needed a place also for Jen’s oldest sister who will start college this year. Also, it is time for George to start his pre-school and he will be going to Saint Augustine International School. I am not sure if that is the best choice for him but Aunt Carina is a teacher there so……

    Hope to see you and Lita in a few months.


    1. Well Gary it was been awhile since I’ve gotten a comment from you, but I figured you were still reading. I guess you are talking about my Networked blog entry on Facebook. All the entries go there now. I was hoping it would help with the number of readers.
      Well we just might be missing you when you get here. Right now we plan to leave here the last week of April and return about mid-July. As always I am worried about having enough money to go, but we need to go so we can make it so we will be getting more money each month we are here. To clarify that a little, we will be starting Lita’s social security and we will clean out and sell all our stuff in storage. We’ll have the money from the storage and no more storage payment each month ($65) and whatever her social security income is. We decided to do that in Texas in a place we are familiar with there.
      Well I hope you have good luck with the Internet service. I know that was a concern of yours for your business. As far as I can tell, it has not really improved, although I don’t have the best service available.
      Next thing you know George will be bringing home his girlfriend, then getting married and having his own kids. They seem to have grown up so fast, once they are grown.

    2. sounds like the new apartment building near rama , yellow in color we been watching it get built for a long time, My Landlord building new place too in brgy Carmen near his own house, word of mouth about the only way to know of for places here to rent no listing service.

  2. Thanks for the update on Tricare. I’ve been meaning to check out that site. Too bad you couldn’t sneak in a few squatters on that property for eviction money, huh?

    1. I saw that someone from your neck of the woods checked out TriCare. I figured it was you.
      On your question, do you mean setting up a house for someone on that other property and then when they get evicted, you get the money?
      The measly amount of money they will be getting wouldn’t be worth the trouble really. I heard they were only getting P2000 each. Even though they are there illegally, I suspect that some of them will not want to leave without better compensation, that’s how it normally works.

      1. For some reason when I log on it shows as Flowood MS (Jackson)but I’m actually 3 1/2 hours north. Must be where my internet service is routed through. I was thinking squatters got like P10,000. Must have read that on another blog.

        1. When I log in it has me as in Cebu sometimes and sometimes just as in Philippines, so the routing thing is probably true.
          As for squatters, I believe it different amounts, it just depends on the person purchasing the land.

          1. If y’all are looking for the 29 Feb post, I got started too late to finish it tonight. I’ll get it out in the morning. I’ve been discussing the new site with my new host and trying to make if much better for y’all when it does come up.

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