July 21, 2024

4 thoughts on “Theory Test and Bad Trike Drivers

  1. How far do live from downtown ? 50 peso’s sounds high. in sorsogon I pay 10 peso’s from anywhere in town to the house. And that’s 2 peso’s more then it cost . Which you can walk from my house to town in around 10 minutes. I will give them 25 peso’s if going out buy the bus station but tha is about 5 miles.
    The uv express van from sorsogon to lagezpi is only 70 peso’s per person.

    1. The norm here these days is P10. I usually pay P20 because I’ve got a big ass and take up a lot of room. I don’t have to, I just do. My wife pays extra whenever she asks them to make a stop along the way, plus she doesn’t like for them to pick up any other passengers. I don’t have to pay the P50 that I do pay when making stops along the way, but it’s worth it to me. I don’t want to make it seem that ALL foreigners will pay extra though.

  2. Good luck with the sun. Know about the trike ordeal with lita that just sounds odd. I would never believe a trike driver would turn down a fare ever…..
    Maybe she’s been put on the trike drivers black list… HAHAHAHA……

    1. I took care of your repeat. I’ll have my sun experiment in the next post. I was also confused about the trike deal. I know you’re joking (HAHAHAHA) but if she is on a black list it would be weird because she likes to overpay those drivers because she usually asks them to stop someplace along the way. For a trip from downtown, with 1 stop on the way, to the house, she likes to pay P100. Even I rarely pay more than P50 for that.

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