Theory Test and Bad Trike Drivers



Jun and most of his family came for a visit today (15 May).  They didn’t stay long and I’m not even sure why they were up here from Tacloban.  It was good to see them though.

Lita went downtown today by herself.  She had an usually experience that I’ve never heard about since I’ve been here.  She said that none of the tricycle drivers would give her a ride.  She kept trying to flag them down, but they would just wave her off.  She obviously was pretty pissed off about that and claimed that they probably didn’t think she could pay them.  I don’t know what the deal was, maybe they were still feeling rich from all the election money they got.  I thought about setting up a sting operation.  I’d have Lita trying to get a ride and every tricycle that refused her I would write down their trike number.  Of course I would have to be away from her to do that.  If they see me with her, they will pick us up, you know, since they think ALL foreigners are rich.  I would report them to city hall and also publish their trike numbers on this blog and on Facebook.  Of course that’s just me thinking and talking again.  I’d have to be really pissed off to actually go through with that operation.

Jun Apilado family at Jade's wedding

On the 16th of May I went out in the sun 3 times to test the theory that the marks that appear on my arm are due to the hot sun and my blood being thinned out from taking aspirin everyday.  Today it’s been exactly 1 week since I had any aspirin.  I received no marks on my arm the entire day.  It was suggested that the thinning of the blood combined with the sun and being an older age is what is causing the problem. Well I can’t do anything about getting older (unless I die), so I went the no aspirin route.  I’ll be testing this theory for 3 days, the last day making an extensive test.

I finally got to see Khan Khan before they left to go back to Southern Leyte.  On 17 May they stopped by before they left.  As his ninong (godfather) I thought he looked well.  He hasn’t grown much, if any at all, but he looked good and he was happy.  Those things are far more important than height.  Lita (his ninang) gave him some money for the couple of birthdays that we missed while he was gone.  We already gave some to Cassandra, our god daughter and his little sister, the last time she was up here, which was last month.

Ceasar Khan Pascasio

Also today I ventured out into the sun 3 more times today, still testing my theory.  Still no marks.  Tomorrow I will make the final test, taking a longer walk, instead of just walking along the highway in front of the house.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I have that final sun test.  If all goes well, then I’ll next have to determine how long an aspirin stays in my system.  By determining that I can calculate when it’s safe to go out in the sun without fear of getting marks.

Salamat Y’all


4 thoughts on “Theory Test and Bad Trike Drivers

  1. How far do live from downtown ? 50 peso’s sounds high. in sorsogon I pay 10 peso’s from anywhere in town to the house. And that’s 2 peso’s more then it cost . Which you can walk from my house to town in around 10 minutes. I will give them 25 peso’s if going out buy the bus station but tha is about 5 miles.
    The uv express van from sorsogon to lagezpi is only 70 peso’s per person.

    1. The norm here these days is P10. I usually pay P20 because I’ve got a big ass and take up a lot of room. I don’t have to, I just do. My wife pays extra whenever she asks them to make a stop along the way, plus she doesn’t like for them to pick up any other passengers. I don’t have to pay the P50 that I do pay when making stops along the way, but it’s worth it to me. I don’t want to make it seem that ALL foreigners will pay extra though.

  2. Good luck with the sun. Know about the trike ordeal with lita that just sounds odd. I would never believe a trike driver would turn down a fare ever…..
    Maybe she’s been put on the trike drivers black list… HAHAHAHA……

    1. I took care of your repeat. I’ll have my sun experiment in the next post. I was also confused about the trike deal. I know you’re joking (HAHAHAHA) but if she is on a black list it would be weird because she likes to overpay those drivers because she usually asks them to stop someplace along the way. For a trip from downtown, with 1 stop on the way, to the house, she likes to pay P100. Even I rarely pay more than P50 for that.

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