March 4, 2024

8 thoughts on “Philippines to Texas-Journey into the Unknown

  1. Hi UJ,

    I know this comment is a bit late, I’m just wondering about your journey going to Angeles City. Why didn’t you take a straight flight from Cebu to Clark instead of Cebu to Manila and taking a cab to Angeles City?

    1. Because it was supposed to be cheaper, but it didn’t turn out that way. The flights to from Calbayog to Clark, through Cebu were like P1000 more each than the tickets to Manila at the time we were traveling. I thought it was weird, but I went with what we had. We ended spending more for the taxi instead of the bus we originally were going to take. Now, on PAL, they have direct flights from Calbayog to Clark, so we will probably just be doing that from now on. They just started doing the direct flights.

  2. UJ,

    waiting to hear about your escapades on making it back to Belton this year. Hope you made it and got to spend some time time with your family down there.

    John D.

    1. Yeah. We made it. Nice trip there. We did get to see plenty of family, but not too many friends. I’ll do the next post today, probably. I’ve waited way too long already.

      1. Glad you made it back and got to spend time with your family. Hope you also went to the best burger joint in Belton and filled up. Kinda miss going down there myself but haven’t been back down there since both my parents passed away in 2011. Next time you decide to head back lets try to keep up some kinda contact and see if we can meet up down there for a few beers and burgers while the asawa’s have some fish & rice LOL. I need to go back there anyway and see my sisters who still live in the area. Take care and stay safe !!!

        John D.

        1. I’d be happy to have a few burgers and several beers with you. Unfortunately, I only went by there one time while home. It’s still delicious though. I did go to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant 6 or 7 times and my sister and/or brother-in-law brought us out to eat like 4 times, mostly steak or bar-b-que. I’ll let you know the next time we are heading that way. Usually, it’s every 2 years, but I’m hoping on having extra money to make the trip back again next year. I’ll keep everyone up to date on that.

    1. Yes, we did. Nice trip there, not as good coming back, although faster. I’ve posted one post for that trip. I’ve just been too lazy and busy to do the next one. It’s been way too long so maybe I’ll do it today.

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