June 25, 2024

10 thoughts on “Party Motorcycle

  1. You must like living dangerously John. No way would I be drinking next to road like you have in front of your house the way people drive over there. Even though that Bamboo Fence you have will not stop Bus or Jeepney from coming through your front door if it wants to. You know they do have Law there if some Cop decides to Enforce it about drinking outside of your Property.

    1. Well George it’s one of those things I just don’t worry about unless it happens. I figure if it’s my time, well then there isn’t much I can do about it. It’s cooler out there by the road, although now we have a fan above our table out front. I see cops out there often when I see out there drinking beer. So far none of them have said anything. The neighbors sit out almost every weekend drinking beer and Tanduay. Of course they are kin to a politician so maybe they don’t have to worry about it.

  2. If you are opening a store downtown then yes you would have to have license. But if your looking at a sari-sari store at your house then just have your relatives run it. As far as that skin tax goes just get a good tan hahaha… But rarely do I get charged a skin tax in sorsogon most of the people and places I go there and conduct business I’m considered a local.

    1. I still haven’t asked officially, but so far, even around here, I’m told you need a license. The relatives would run it, not me. I wish I could get a good tan, but I don’t think it would be good enough to fool anyone. Around here I don’t have the skin tax problem anymore. I guess people have seen enough of me. It’s when I leave the local area that I run into the problem.

  3. you most be joking your in the Philippines do you think sari-sari stores or road side eateries actually have license

    True Roger, but most Sari-Sari stores are not run by or affiliated to a “rich” foreigner. Best to always play by the rules or a guy is opening himself up to bribes or worse.

    1. Right Scott. It’s bad enough they are always trying to get the ‘skin tax’ out of us. I’ll check on that license and see if it’s really necessary. I’m thinking it is though.

  4. License to sell beer? you most be joking your in the Philippines do you think sari-sari stores or road side eateries actually have license. And they all sell beer & whiskey. To anyone and your age does not mater.

    1. I always assumed they all had licenses, I never asked. That is what the relatives are telling me, a license is required to ‘legally’ sell beer. As Scott H says, no sense in taking any chances. I know an expat I can ask about it though. He just opened a store downtown.

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