May 23, 2024

11 thoughts on “Navarro St Calbayog City Samar (21:28)

  1. I think it’s better also to emphasize on some problems like lack of sidewalks where anybody can freely walk and vehicles illegally parked.I noticed that you were walking in the middle of the street instead of along the sidewalk. In such a way you may be able to catch the attention of local officials so that they can remove structures encroaching the sidewalks. Please post this also at Calbayog Tourism FB page so that it will be noticed. Thanks.

    1. Have you been to the Philippines in the smaller towns? There are very few sidewalks downtown here. There are some on the 2 larger roads, but not even many there. In the smaller towns, there are no sidewalks at all. The norm is to walk along the side of the road. It is done everywhere in the Philippines except the big cities and even then, some people still do it. I can say that there are no sidewalks, but I doubt seriously if anything will be done about it, not in my life time anyway.

      1. As long as space is at such a premium in smaller communities, you will never have the space for sidewalks. I kind of like the quaintness of walking down the street myself.

        1. Yeah that’s kind of what I figured. I’ve got not problem walking down the street even though it gets crowded at times. I get through okay, but Lita needs help because she gets scared of the on coming vehicles, especially crossing the busy street. I guess she doesn’t trust them enough not to hit her.

        2. In some places it’s way too dark at night to walk down the middle of the street.

          1. Only because some people have a tendency to drive without their lights on and a lot of the pajak-pajak’s do not have lights at all.

    1. I will have more. I plan to do 1 or 2 per week until I get the major streets all done. I will try to think of something else to video after that. I hope to improve on my videos as I go along so if you have any suggestions, please suggest.

    1. No idea how that got on “Private”. I changed it to “Public” so it “should” be good to view now.
      Thanks for letting me know.

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