June 25, 2024

8 thoughts on “Zine Entry #23

  1. UJ casings are the skins that keep the sausage together. They are generally made from pig’s or sheep’s intestines (probably shouldn’t have told you, lol) Fennel is the main spice in Italian sausages. If I remember I’ll bring some over. Larry has a nice house, don’t let my wife see it! Randy I always bring phones over to give away. They must be unlocked and either GSM or 3G. Your wife’s android shouldn’t be a problem. You can get it unlocked by the carrier if you tell them you’ll be traveling with it. If you have trouble drop me a line I have some folks I’ve used before that do it and at a reasonable price. Can’t wait to get back but the air fares are making me crazy. I noticed there are about 35% taxes and fees on the fares so maybe aI should really bitch at the Gov’t? UJ if I could do Space A I would! Randy are you eligible?

    1. I looked up ‘casings’ and your right, that’s what they are. Not exactly something that makes me happy, but I do miss a good pork sausage. Lita still has not made any yet.
      I had to look up that “fennel seed” too. I remember seeing those seeds in the sausage, but had no idea what they were.
      That’s what we did with phones too. We bought some super cheap on E-Bay and brought them over.
      Unless you have a military ID card, you are not eligible for Space A, so if you do have one, you are. It sure is a good way to beat the cost of airlines, but it takes time and on occasion could end up costing more with hotels/restaurants due to extensive waiting. That’s what I heard, but it has not happen to me yet. Next year we hope to travel all the way to Europe via Space A, so we just might find out then. There are many flights flying into Germany and Italy.

    2. Hi Mark, yes I can fly Space A but we will be traveling with two cats so, the airlines will get our money this time. In the future though, we might just see what or where we can get to using Space A. So you say all phones need to be unlocked to be used in the Philippines? Sheesh! I will check on it with our carrier. Thanks.

  2. Hi UJ, not that I know it all, but the last time we were there for vacation we took our old phones with us to give to my wife’s family. All we had to do is bring it to the local phone mart and had them unlock them and as long that they take a sim card they will work. That was two years ago and they are still using them.

    1. Yes that is how some of the phones we brought before got working. Like you say, IF they take a sim card they will work. Some of our old phones we brought would not take them. We ended up having to toss those.

  3. Hey John, could you ask Juvic if Teri’s Android 3 will work over there. I hate to have to dump that expensive phone and buy another one for her when we get there. Now you have to get back to the beach and take more pictures with the Samsung. It’s a pretty smart phone, but it doesn’t take pictures by itself! lol

    1. She said that it’s not a problem. There are people here that have Android. I don’t know much about all the different types of phones, but I know that our phone from the States was not compatible for here. I just had a cheap Nokia phone and it was not set up for the whole Sim card and having to get a load thing. I brought more than 1 phone and a couple of them could be converted, but not all. I guess “that expensive phone” should not have a problem like that though. Besides, you can just bring it and if it doesn’t work for some reason, dump it at that time. Best to try for yourself of course. Juvic says it will work though and I trust her phone judgement.

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