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2 thoughts on “May 16, 2022

  1. I know that sailors have the rep of being the rowdiest when drunk but even us chair force guys did quite a bit of drinking. I still have no idea how that trike got there. I just flat walked right into it. It wasn’t even moving. Good thing.
    Yeah, mi amigo did make it back and trying to get back into this daily routine. While he was back home he found out his son’s desire to move over here with him. Supposedly he (the son) will be collecting SSI for some reason soon but he’s so young and I’m not sure that the Philippines is a good place for a young guy that hasn’t “been around”. I don’t have much to say in the matter but I, of course, will express my opinion on it. I think that these Filipina women around here will have him drooling and “falling in love” pretty quickly.
    I’ve been wanting to go back to Texas for a visit but I still have not gotten my vaccine so that makes it more difficult. I don’t mind getting the swab test before going but I still don’t altogether trust those vaccines.
    Lita and I just celebrated our 42nd anniversary last month, hopefully we will make it to 50 also. I hope to make it to Texas to see my parents for their 66th anniversary in November.
    Lita also does not like to travel much anymore. She doesn’t make it easy though. She could just get dual-citizenship and never have to leave, but she refuses. So, now, she must leave, at minimum, once every 3 years. That’s paying for several 6 month extensions along the way. As for me, I’m thinking of getting the SRRV or maybe both of us getting a 13G. Anyway, the next trip back to Texas probably will just be me. I can move much faster without her but it’s a long time to be away from someone you’re used to having around for such a long time.
    Don’t worry about me and the beer goggles, I have vowed to never get drunk again. I still have a hole in my leg that is not healed yet and it’s been about 3 months. It did get infected but some antibiotics took care of that. Just waiting on the wound to seal itself up, which I’m sure it will do when it finally get level with the skin.
    Looking forward to seeing you when you finally get here.

  2. UJ,
    WTF you doing walking into a trike?…geez i thought only us drunk sailors used to do that…hahaha. But it’s true those beer goggles will screw up your depth perception & ballet balance just a bit. Glad to hear your amigo is making it back from the states, maybe you can fill us in as to what he encountered so none of us heading that way will run into the same issues. Hell I had everything done to travel, new passports, covid shots with 2 booster shots from the VA for both me and the asawa, and the TSA pre screen enrollment to pass by the long lines in airports, then the cancer popped it’s head up so trips canx for a while. Hoping in maybe march or apr next year to head over there for about a month or so, we’d like to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary over there so my asawa’s surviving family members can attend before they all or one us as well drops dead. I’m just dreading that long ass flight from okc to manila…24hr flight time, plus i’m not as spry as i was years ago so getting around is harder and takes me more time. Starting my look for a decent resort to stay in , in the cavite area, the old island cove resort was torn down for office buildings and it’s like a cluster puck looking a place but i’m sure we’ll find a good one. Take care amigo..and easy on them beer goggles hahaha. John D

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