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2 thoughts on “May 3, 2022

  1. UJ,
    Hot damn was wondering what happened to you as it it had been months with no post. Was beginning to think you up and keeled over dead like most the friends i have are doing as age has caught up with them. A lot of us old swabbies are starting to feel the effects of the good ole agent orange from sailing off the coast of Vietnam many moons ago. Hell i didn’t have a clue until weird spots started showing up on my insides and the VA Hospital here in Oklahoma City took lots of pretty pictures (x-rays) and told me there might be something with these few black things growing inside you, and i’ll be damn they were right . Seems i have a cancer that is associated with agent orange exposure that just kinda hid it’s butt deep inside me and hung out till it was ready to grow. Have to admit though, the oncology folks at the VA here are pretty damn good, went through 3 treatments already and it seems to working as it’s mostly gone except for one or two tough little bastards trying to hang on. The treatments did kick my ass though, like you I haven’t been back central Texas since 2011 when both my folks died, even when my youngest sister died last year i didn’t go as i was took weak to travel. Still hoping this crap is over with so we can make a trip back the philippines before we both get too old or one of us keels over dead. Stay safe amigo and hope mangos get back to normal for ya, it’s always nice to have a good place where old friends can get together and share a cold one and tell lies that everyone knows isn’t true but sounds pretty damn good anyway…hahaha. Take care Amigo

    1. Yeah, no excuse for not posting. I’m doing okay, just limping around a little. The new post today will explain why I’m limping. Sorry to hear about the cancer. I hope you kick its ass on out of there. I missed my sister’s funeral and I felt really bad about that. I really want to get back to Texas this year for at least a visit. My parents are still asking me to come home to stay, but I don’t think I can do that. I’m the oldest of the family and I feel somehow obligated at times but life here is so much easier and affordable.
      COVID seems to be slacking up around here (finally) but there are still some people wearing their masks downtown. I think to go in any of the public buildings you must have your mask but they are not asking for the vaccine card anymore. It seems you still need your mask, vaccine and swab test to travel on the airlines without having to be put in quarantine. I still do not have my vaccine but if I’m going to get to Texas this year I may have to break down and get it. I’m hoping the policy changes within the next few months to exclude the vaccine. I don’t mind getting the swab test before traveling.
      Some nice Tex-Mex food would be good. It’s one of the things I will do first when I get back. These days that is really the only food that I am missing. They make some here but it’s no where near as good.
      Yeah Mango is a great place to hang out. I’m hoping that he goes through with his plans for the game room and expanding the VIP room. Both of them will be air conditioned. I get so hot there during the day. At night it’s usually alright, not always though.
      You take care also and I hope you two will be able to make your way here again soon.

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