July 20, 2024

5 thoughts on “Internet Super Fix

  1. I do not thank Customer Service translate into Tagalog Language. I have come to conclusion that most Companies in this Country thinks Customer Service is allowing you to use their Service no matter how Bad it is when you are paying for it. Because you have little choice of who to use. So they have no reason to have good Customer Service. It is either them or do without. But I can say their service has improved a little since the seventies when it took 2 years just to get them to install a phone in your house. Ha! Ha!

    1. Things have improved slightly since I’ve been here and I’ve heard horror stories of the 70’s and 80’s here. I really believe that if the service was as bad as it was then, I would not be living in the Philippines then.
      This is how it literally translates: serbisyo sa customer, but, you’re right, the true meaning escapes them completely.
      I never thought about it as they think they are doing us a favor just by being there. That’s a poor way to look at things. Although, as in the case of our electricity, most of us only have one choice. Unless you can afford solar or wind power you have no choice but to put up with their shit. I think that if they ever do get another electricity company here, the current one will lose a lot of business. I know that if I ever get to where I can get solar power, I’ll dump them in a heartbeat.

      1. Do not get me started on the Power Company because they are the worst and knows you are not going to win an argument with them do to worst customer service. It is either them or do without. But I can say that even though they still have the worst service they finally got off their butts and ran Power lines outside of Calbayog Proper. Back in seventies if you wanted Cold Beer or Ice had to go to City to buy same because of no Power lines outside of City. People was still using Coleman Lanterns if they wanted to stay up after dark.

        1. Yeah, they do get away with whatever. Some guys here that could afford it, got solar power, but I can’t afford that. I’m hoping for, but will probably never see, another electric company here.
          When are you going to be back?

          1. The last scuttle I have heard maybe May 2019. Ha! Ha!. I just installed Solar on house here with battery back up cost 33,000 suppose to get back 10,000 on income tax when filing. But will believe it when I see it. You know how those Car salesman are. Ha! Ha!

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