April 23, 2024

20 thoughts on “Facebook Tacos at Fort Hood

  1. In Manila, you can find the flour tortilla’s for burritos in SM (along with refried beans). No corn tortillas though. There are a few TEx Mex restaurants like Mexicali. We have one pretty authentic tacoria in Fort Bonafacio, but there salsa has too much garlic (which it should have none).

  2. Randy My wife trys to get me to take short trip to P.I. but I tell her no way in H__. I want my money worth for the high cost of plane tickets. No less then 1 month. Some times it takes 4 days just to get to Calbayog during storms and plane problems. No sooner you get there its time to turn around and come back.

  3. I get a kick out of when we pack our 4 checkin bags going to Philippines. I tell the wife it looks like we are going camping instead going to another country. We get a big laugh out of it while packing. I wonder what TSA thinks when they see all the food and other items with no cloths in the bags when they scan and open bags for inspection. I usually pack food, parts for house, and tools which usually disapear when I leave, which no one see’s them grow legs and walk out the house.

    1. George, does RP customs have problems with any food products whether it be fresh food or packaged? Could I bring a small can of coffee without any hassles? 2 days and counting!

      1. Randy I have had no problem. Usually they do not open bags. As I understand it as long as food is not raw and is processed you can bring it into country. I have known people and my wife has done it by taking food in big coolers as check in and slip inspector a few peso’s to let it in.

          1. Randy with everything I’ve got going on here, my mind loses it sometimes, so where in the Philippines are you heading? Here?

          2. Randy How long are you going to be staying in P.I. I was suppose to be leaving by now but wife decided to change her retirement date. Will leave 6 of May and return 6 June and then she is suppose to make up her mind of when she will retire. She is trying to milk it so she can get as much as she can for her retirement. Once she decides we will supposely try to live there 6 months, but knowing filipina mind that can change in the next hour.

          3. John, heading to Tomaligues.
            George, we should be there for about ten days then to Mariveles, Bataan for a couple days, then return to MS.

  4. Special Occasion serves tacos and they’re pretty good but small. I have no idea where they get the tortillas though.

    Mark G.

    1. The have the tacos at Carlos n’ Carmelos too, but they are not even in the same universe as Lita’s tacos.

      1. I always have the tacos at SO Cafe when I am there. Like Mark says, they are pretty good but small. I will have to see if I can teach Jen to make tacos.

        1. Gary I like your idea of bringing over some tortillas. I may do the same thing but I’ll add some refried beans, salsa, chorizo and cheese, lol.

          John I was wondering if you’d be in Texas at the same time I will? May 15th – 17th I’ll be in San Antonio on business.

          1. Mark, my suitcases are typically filled with a wide variety of foods that I want but can’t get there. Salami, summer sausage, spicy mustard, bbq sauce are always in my bags. I have never brought cheese though but I will add that this time.
            George, I wonder the same thing. My suitcases never have clothes either.
            This trip I get 3 free bags so I am bringing a 24″ HD external monitor for my computer, a wireless modem and an xbox 360 kinect. I am also bringing one of the new iPads, an iPod nano and a kindle for friends

          2. Salami, summer sausage, spicy mustard, bbq sauce … stop it Gary you’re killing me.
            I’m glad I’m heading back for a couple of months.

          3. Well Mark I sure hope so. If all goes according to plan, Yes. Of course San Antonio is about a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from Temple.

  5. What do you use for your taco shells? Can you buy them in Calbayog? My suitcase will have a package of 30 10″ flour soft burrito shells this trip. I can’t find them even in Angeles.

    1. Lita actually uses egg roll wrappers and fries them crispy into a curved shell, perfect for tacos.
      No, you can’t get the soft wrappers here. I’m not even sure you can buy the masa to make the soft ones here. Maybe in Tacloban, but we haven’t seen it.
      Maybe in Manila, they’ve got lots of things. I need to go shopping in one of the big malls there, but heck I can’t even get there yet.

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