July 19, 2024

3 thoughts on “Doce Restaurant This and That

  1. We will be in sorsogon the middle of oct till middle of nov. Going to try and make a trip over to samar sometime during that time.

  2. Thanks for sharing this restaurant article. I will need to stop by there to eat when I get over there to visit. Also I read your article on Randy’s blog about your niece’s eatery. I hope they have good luck with it.

    1. Doce is an nice place to eat especially for pizza and/or just sitting back and relaxing with a beer. The only thing that has turned me off from it is that when they have their karaoke on, it’s too loud for such a small area. That’s only at night time though, so if you are just wanting to chill, that’s a good place. Tony (the owner) has big places for the place and he has started a little bit of it already. I’ll keep an eye on it for updates.
      Thanks for the good luck wish for my niece. I’ll pass that on to her.
      So when is it that you think you will be getting over here to visit? Anytime soon? Let me know when you are coming and I’ll let you buy me a beer. Heck I’ll buy you one too.

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