May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “More Addressing

  1. UJ,
    Good to see your post !!! Was beginning to wonder if you had some medical issues or packed up and moved back to Belton. Having also grown up in that area of central texas, I’ve come to realize it’s nothing like the place we grew up in as it’s changed so much I barely recognized the place last time i was there. Most places I knew while there are long gone and replaced by a fast food joint or pawn shop or car lot…not my cup of tea so to speak. So my times I go back I limit to visiting my folks graves and stay over in salado then drive back home to oklahoma. Hopefully in the next year or so, the asawa and I will be making another trip over there to the cavite area and start our look for that little retirement bungalow we want. Stay safe and have a cold magoo for me and I’ll have a corona for you along with some great mexican food !!

    1. I’ve been slacking off, then I did have my little problem. I’ll try again to keep things going.
      Belton definitely has changed, but I still recognize most of it. There are several new restaurants, some junk food, some not. The pawn shops and the car lots I did not see in Belton, but Temple has gotten some.
      We’ve got a pretty decent restaurant here now. Still not any great Mexican food though. My wife still makes the best Mexican food around here.
      I hope to have a post today or tomorrow about the new restaurant I’m talking about. I’ve already posted on it, but it’s for their recent improvements.

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