May 24, 2024

6 thoughts on “31 May 2022

  1. UJ,
    Hope your leg check up went well and got the right meds you need. All is well here stateside as can be expected. May head down the Belton/Killeen area this October to visit my parents graves over in Nolanville, and see a sister i have that lives in Austin. Haven’t been there in 10 years since my folks passed, not that i miss the place which i don’t, and friends i knew growing up there are all dead or moved away. Have a some what schedule to head to the Philippines in May 2023 provided no other covid crap or who knows what will mess up our plans. Already reserved us an “airbnb” apartment in Cavite, close but not too close to the asawa’s family, so we can break away anytime and go chill without any hassle from them hahaha. Looking forward to having several cold san magoo’s when we get there :-). China is always starting crap as usual I’ve noticed, so i wouldn’t be surprised if ya see more u.s. war ships visiting the Philippines in the coming months, ya know just providing some cultural exchange as we use to phrase it haha. When i was stationed in Subic Bay many moons ago, every year close to xmas the North Koreans would stir the pot and sure as hell, we’d have to fly up there for aircraft carrier support in case the sh!t hit the fan for real, and ended up freezing out butts off waiting for anything which never happened . As for Texas, my sister in Austin says this the hottest summer they’ve have had there in years, se be prepared when ya arrive for max sweat. Take care & stay safe amigo. John D.

    1. I’m doing a post today with my leg update so I hope you will read it. I’d like to go to Belton to visit my parents, son (and new daughter in law), grandsons and siblings but I still have not gotten that vaccine and they are still talking quarantine when traveling without that. I’m not doing quarantine and waste 1/3 of my vacation. I still don’t trust that vaccine. Also it seems to be pretty useless because people still get COVID even after getting it. May 2023 I should be here in the PI. I won’t swear I’ll be in Calbayog though. I’ll explain more of that in my post today. I’d be happy to put up with the heat if I could just visit for a month or so. My parents (and I think my siblings) still want me to move back to Texas. I guess I could, but I see all these complaints about the out of control pricing and I don’t have that problem here in the PI. I miss Texas but it’s just so much easier living here. I think that as long as my wife is alive, I’ll be here. If she dies, then I’m sure I’ll be in Texas more but I will still maintain a place here and visit quite often. Depending on my health (which is good now) on where I will end up living. I hope to see you in May and try to take care of yourself.

  2. Hey John good to hear you are still kicking around in Calbayog. Thought maybe Covic had gotten hold of you and would not let go. The wife and I have caught it twice even with 3 shots. The first one almost did me in I lost my smell taste and appetite even though I only ate one meal a day usually. I went from 158 down to 114 in weight in 3 months I kept complaining to Doctor there had to be something wrong because I was loosing weight from not being able to eat or drink my usual 5 or 6 cans of beer a day. The Doctor decided to send me to an oncology to see if I might have the big C they did CT and Pet scans on me and 6 Biopsy’s which they said was inconclusive. By the time the Doctors got around to that conclusion I was still getting worst could not stand on my own when going to bathroom without bouncing off the 4 walls and could not think properly. So my son took me back to Doctor and they decided to do full Blood work up on me this time instead of the cheap one. I went home and was in bed sleeping when got call from Doctor at 7pm to call an ambulance to take me to ER or I might die. Come to find out I had high Calcium floating around in my blood which was affecting my other organs in my body I was in the hospital for 8 days while they tried to bring it back down to normal. After discharging me still had to go back for another week of treatment with infusions and several blood transfusions. The head Doctor decided they could practice their Medicine on me on out patient bases so went back every other day or so for infusions and blood work up for several months. Even though the Biopsy’s where inconclusive for cancer they still wanted to treat me for same. They gave me one Chemo treatment and it didn’t go well with me and I told them that I was not doing that again. so they decided to load me up with Medication and 7 Radiation treatments on my left Lung. After doing CT and PET scan after all of that I only have to go back to each Doctor maybe once a month until they decide take me off the medication which they prescribed for me. But will have to do CT scan every year to check growth. My weight is backup before Covic and can drank my cans of Beer like before.

    1. Wow! And I thought I had problems with my leg. I lost my appetite for a few days last year. It never happened to me before. It was weird. I had some good food there and just didn’t feel like eating it. I didn’t lose so much weight though (unfortunately). I just decided that I had COVID for those few days because it was new and this no appetite was new also. I’m glad you seem to be doing better. Take care of yourself. I have reduced my beer intake and I have sworn off hard liquor, especially tequila. Seems once I start, I keep going. So if I never start, I should be fine. I am doing a new post today and it has an update on my leg problem. Now if I can just figure out a way to lose weight, I’ll be great.

  3. UJ,
    Glad to hear your hole in the leg is healing up well…i heard a few san magoos may also have healing qualities in them, or at least they did many moons ago when i lived there hahaha. The summer here has hit and the temps are gonna be in the high 90’s with heat indexes in the 100’s so be prepared when you make it back to Texas. Hope you have a place to stay as well, used to many moons ago as well, you could stay in the barracks on base if you were a retiree or temp lodging which was pretty cheap about $12 to $15 a day. Alas those days are long gone and now it’s gov contracted hotels built on bases and there the same as getting a hotel in town so no benefits there. Oh and don’t be surprised if your relatives ask ya for gas money, it’s over $5 a gallon here now and expected to go up…yikes!! Hell even the commissary on base isn’t like it use to be with cost savings, what you may save initially, you end up spending due to their surcharge of 5% plus the cost of gas getting to and from the damn place, needless to say we may go there maybe only once a year if that. Stay well amigo amigo and hope you make it back home this year. John D

    1. The hole in my leg has hit a slow point. Tomorrow morning I will go by and see a different doctor to get their opinion. This thing is secreting too much liquid for my liking. Actually I may just go today. I will go to a doctor that is not still hiding behind a plastic curtain and using a microphone to communicate with patients.
      No clue where I would stay when visiting Texas. If I am alone I could do without a car for that short of a time if I’m close to shopping areas. If my wife is with me, that won’t work. It’s all something I could have avoided if I would have kept the house I had all paid for, but NO, I had to sell everything to move here (dumb move, but too late now). Yeah, I’m going to the doctor. I’ll be back later.

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