July 19, 2024

3 thoughts on “30 Jun 2022

  1. UJ,
    Damn partner sounds as if you need some major antibiotics for your leg, hope your latest DR there is correct and it heals up fast. If not, I’d be looking for a way to at least get to Guam and hit up the military hospital there..ouch !!. Sorry to hear about your expat friend getting killed, when i was a military cop in the Armed Forces Police at Subic in the 70’s there I saw quite a few American expats who had retired and stayed there thinking living in bars was going to be their heaven after retirement from the military, and ended up being found dead in their bed or in some ditch outside of town and no one saw anything . Some of them I knew most I did not, even saw the top enlisted man from a navy unit locked up in the olongapo jail on charges I won’t divulge on here, but they were pretty bad charges and he ended up receiving a dishonorable discharge and was sent to prison for a long time. I heard a few years later he had paid off a local family and his charges were mysteriously dropped and he was released then deported back to the states. As for Texas, my sister in Austin said it was 106 deg yesterday and close to the same in Central Texas area of Belton so be prepared. And your right, the cost of living in Texas is now almost outta limits unless you have a a few bags of cash coming in every month. A close friend of mine who retired as an 03 from the Airforce and lives in Harker Heights can barely pay his property taxes as they sky rocketed to over $5K a year so he has to split it up into 2 payments plus interest. So i agree with you wanting to stay there as it’s much cheaper and you can get buy on your military retirement..no way you could afford to live in central Texas. We’re looking forward to heading there in May next year, found us and Airb&b apartment in the Cavite area close but not to close to the my wife’s family which is run by an Australian guy and his local wife..seems pretty damn nice and way cheaper than a hotel. Now just trying to find airline tickets and the prices are frigging crazy high for round trip okc to manila and back, so i ask the wife if she minds in flying in cargo class hahaha. Stay safe amigo and watch that leg…John D

    1. Yeah and it’s still messed up. Just when it looks like it’s getting better it flares up again. Trying a combination of Philippines home remedy and modern medicine now.

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