June 17, 2024

2 thoughts on “Gandara Fiesta

  1. UJ,
    Glad to hear the cluster puck traffic is still the same there especially with all the cycles that busted into the philippines transportation market. Many many moons ago, oh about 40 to 50 years or so, the only avail modes were either tricycles or jeepneys and that was it, and still traffic jams were always to found. Reading one of last topics about banking. I think thats one of the biggest concerns i have about moving there permanantly, dfas who we both get our retired pay from has no approved banks for direct deposit there, plus i have ss, as well as va disability and doj retirement and none have any banks listed as approved…dang it. Oh well I guess the occasional vacations there will have to do. Stay safe amigo and watch the legs. John D

    1. The traffic sucks everywhere around here and in all the Philippines. If it were me in charge of it, I would not allow trikes downtown. They can stop just outside of town and people can get on a pedicab (pajak-pajak) or walk into town. In addition, the pajak-pajaks would not be allowed on the highway.
      As for banks that have direct deposit, I just send mine to Bank of America and Xoom the money to myself. However, if you want money sent to the PI, you can use Metro Bank or Philippine National Bank. They both have branches in the US and are connected to the Philippine banks. Metro bank has banks in New York and California. I think PNB is in California.
      I’m doing my best to take care of these legs. I’ve also been trying to get out and walk a lot. I’m hoping that the exercise will not only make me more fit but will also get that blood circulation going in my legs again so I won’t have to wear those compression socks for the rest of my life.
      Whatever you decide, it would be nice to see you again on your occasional visits.

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