May 23, 2024

8 thoughts on “Zine Entry #47 – Clark to Home

  1. We usually go there a few times a month, an easy motorcycle ride up on Sat or Sun for bfast or lunch. If you see a bunch of harleys parked out front, I would be on the only white one.

    1. I probably won’t be back there until maybe next month for a short stop by. That’s only a maybe. Most likely it will be April before I see Barreto’s again.

    2. And if you kept going up fields avenue another mile or so, there is a decent and cheap Tex Mex place next to Charlies on the Bend.

      1. I heard about that one and even seen it. We never did go there though. I forget the name, but I definitely know about it.

        1. Wait! I found the name. It’s Iguana’s. I have 4 restaurants on my list and I got to go to 2 of them. I missed out on Iguana’s and Puzzles, but got to go to Phillies and Barretos. I liked both the places I went to. They both have their special attractions.

  2. Was the sandwhich shop called barretos? Its on Fields Avenue and also has meats. They key to order is to ask for extra meat.

    1. Yep! That was it. When I order the larger sandwich I do plan to order the extra meat. Thanks for the name, so I don’t have to look it up.

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