May 22, 2024

5 thoughts on “Zine Entry #46 – Hong Kong

  1. John, if your on a tight budget in HK, can stay at the YMCA dorms. Its hk$260 (US$ 35) per night and I believe they allow couples. Only 4 beds to a room. Take the subway there and its pretty cheap.

    1. If we are going to be staying in Hong Kong for any amount of time (and not at the airport), I probably will have some sort of tour arranged including a hotel room. We do not the the community bed/shower thing with people we don’t know.

  2. Did you go through immigration in Hong Kong? My wife and I will be doing almost the same thing in Nov. except we will be going out of Cebu. It will be our first time in Hong Kong. We plan to stay at the airport too. Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Yes you do go through Immigration going in and coming out. Be sure to find a good place to stay early. When you go up the escalator by the fruit juice place, just continue straight. Those chairs up there are nice and it’s not too far from the CR. Of course it is kind of expensive in the airport for food, but Popeye’s is not that bad and Del France downstairs (as I said in the post) is pretty good. The 7-11 was a favorite stopping place for me also. It’s on the first floor close to the Deli France. I think I said in the post, but I do not recommend the juice place. It’s pretty expensive, at least it was for us. We also did not really like the Japanese restaurant, which we went to our last trip to the Hong Kong airport. Good luck!

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