May 22, 2024

9 thoughts on “Zine Entry #42 – Heading Home (Again)

  1. Hi John, I visit your site often and enjoy your blog. I’m just not one who posts much but will try harder! I enjoy the videos too!

    1. Howdy Heidi. I’m sure that there are plenty of people like you that do not really post that much, but it is nice to hear from time to time. I did install a counter, although it is not visible to y’all. It does show that plenty of people are visiting. Well I just put it on yesterday afternoon and I have over 200 visitors. Not a large amount, but I think it’s enough for me to continue the blog. I might make a small change and not type the long posts anymore, but sometimes I get to typing and just keep going, so we’ll see on that. I should do what I wanted to do a while back and mix the long posts with some short ones.
      I still have a couple of pages of notes from my last adventure to Angeles so I think I’ll put those in later today. Not much else going on around here so I’ll have to make something happen to have some interesting things for y’all to read.
      I should have my new camera/video next week, so I can finish the streets downtown that I want to do. There are a few new places to be sure to get in there.

    1. Still here. Just seem really uninterested these days. Seems like even when I do write things, I rarely get a comment anymore, so I’m not sure how many people are actually reading. Maybe I should put the counter back on, so I can see how many actually visit. Maybe that will get me excited about this blog again.

  2. Big John, been following your Zine’s about your immigration. I plan on getting the ACR card, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. And as we near the end of our first year, we are just thinking about taking a flight to Guam. Two military bases for your meds, a PX etc. Might just want to bite the bullet, save up and buy some civilian tickets. Just my two peso 😉

    1. Well Scott my zine posts are a bit behind. The problem has been taken care of. If we would save up each month and plan ahead it would be great to buy those discount tickets. That’s our next plan. Of course going to Angeles again is also in the plans. We like to visit there, but no way will we ever live there. It just cost too much more.
      It’s been awhile since you’ve left a comment. I’m glad to know that you are still around and reading.

      1. John:
        I just found this thread! I’ve been missing out cause I stayed on the kittens thread so long.
        Anyway, thanks for the mention up there. apparently I should have told you more about Randy and given you his number. oh well.
        \Anyway, main thing I wanted to tell you about was that Tarangnan is having their Fiesta Oct 3 & 4 tho a lot has already been set up for it even now. lots of festivities down here if you care to make the trip. unfortunately there are no hotels here and most of the fun stuff is in the evening according to my wife.
        To get here from Calbayog, just come about 30 klicks South and look for a right turn in a small village ( of Balugo) where you’ll see a concrete sign indicating Tarangnan Proper 11 kilometres ( pointing right). still some bad road there tho, so go slow or be careful. preferably both 🙂

        1. The kitten thread? I haven’t done one on the kittens in a long time. I remember (for some reason) it was the last thread I did before I went on our Texas Trip. You have missed a few posts.
          Oh, I don’t know if we will be going to the fiesta there. We barely go to the one here. We did check out the carnival for a little while this last time though. I have yet to go downtown during a fiesta. Not that I don’t really want to check it out, but Lita is worried about being in town at night. Or I should say, she is worried about me being in town at night. She’s a worry wart, but it’s just more quiet to stay at home. Besides I doubt if there is much for me to do besides just walk around. Of course taking pictures for the blog is always a good thing.

          1. Roger the avoiding of trips to town at night. My wife is the same way.
            she getsw quite upset when I do wander out at night which hasnt happened but once in the last 2 years.
            too bad ya cant make it, but I kinda expected you probably wouldnt. Those things can cost $eriou$ money. And after your recent trip, well, anyhow.

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