April 22, 2024

4 thoughts on “Zine Entry #28 – Angeles & Clark

  1. John… after reading your blog, in particular the information given to you by Mr. Corrigan regarding how long you can stay on the Space A list I had to look into that since I plan to try using Space A again in a couple of months…. so I checked the AMC website and the Space A Handbook does NOT say anything about 45 days, says 60 days, but then the handbook is dated Jan 2012… so… I sent an email to HQ AMC at Scott AFB asking for clarification… and this is the response I got…


    AMCI24-101V14 22 14 AUGUST 2012

    11.2. Duration on the List. Prospective passengers shall be removed from the Space-A Register after remaining on the list for 60 days or when the travel authorization expires, whichever occurs first. Passengers removed from the register shall be allowed to sign up again with a new date/time of sign-up. Once a passenger departs a station their record shall be purged at that particular station. They shall need a new date/time of sign up prior to future travel from that location.


    HQ AMC/A4TP, Passenger and Fleet Policy Branch
    Scott AFB, IL 62225

    1. Actually that is good news. I recently sent a request to Kadena AB to be put back on the Space A list to come back to the Philippines after our visit there. They told me the same thing, basically. They said that I was still on their list until 17 Aug, which is 60 days from when I signed up. I don’t know why Mr. Corrigan told me that, but maybe it was just for Clark and he was confused. I know he is only allowing people to be on the list for 45 days though. Thanks for checking it out though Butch.

  2. Hi UJ, Been reading your blog for a couple months now. I knew you were coming to AC but I didnt realise you were unsure of your next step. Anyway I live here in AC for almost 6 years now and would have been glad to meet youall and show you around. Do you have any kind of VOIP? I have Vonage so we could talk on the phone if you do. Maybe Skype? I don’t type well so that is an easier way for me to communicate. I know where to get just about anything you want here so you might not need to find a comissary.

    1. Howdy Ray. I’m glad you find the blog interesting enough to continue reading. We have been to Angeles before but things have changed so much since then. I guess we just didn’t realize how much. It was a bit confusing and we did learn some things. Sure we would love to be given a little tour and shown some of the ropes in the area. We will be back again next month, but I will be planning a little better this time, so I don’t have exact dates yet. I don’t have Vonage, but I do have Skype. My user name is “uncle7john” if you want to just go ahead an add me on yours. So you are saying that just about anything that we want at a military commissary, you can probably find there? That would be great, if the prices are not so high because they are imported. Maybe something I can add to the post to help others going to the area too. Talk with you and most likely see you later.

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