April 22, 2024

3 thoughts on “Zine Entry #21

  1. It looks like you found another expat in my neck of the woods (Majalog). I guess we will run into each other some day soon. I’m not fortunate enough to have beachfront property but at least I can literally crawl to it (about 75 yards). Close enough for me. UJ, send me some specs and pics of your vehicle on fb. I may be interested as long as it is in dependable condition.

    1. Yeah 75 yards is close enough. If the beach is decent it doesn’t really matter. I think that only after too many beers you would have to crawl though.
      I’ll send you whatever information I can get off the vehicle and try to take a few pictures, inside and out of it. I suppose if I take enough pictures I can get some good ones. That camera is really giving me problems. I’ll be sure to load only good pictures on Facebook though. That would be great if you like it so I can get some things done around here with the money and it won’t be taking up the space where Lita wants to build the extra room. She wants to build a living room, with a/c, so when I have the expat get togethers there will be a place that is cool.

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