July 21, 2024

2 thoughts on “Zine Entry #20

  1. So, this Fiesta Day, U say people wander to other people’s home and eat what they cook. This is without an invite? Hit as many homes as u can and eat whatever they prepared? Eat and Run? lol

    I have never heard of anyone who had your attitude towards mice. I HATE THEM. I believe mice grow into RATS, than BIG RATS!

    1. Yes on Fiesta day people travel to other peoples houses and if those people prepared food for others, then they stay and eat. Some people are too poor to do this. It’s a good day for the very poor to get a good meal. I suppose it’s more of an eat and walk. I really see anyone ‘run’ around here.
      Well I don’t like rats, but mice are not a big deal. I’m not going to be playing with them or anything and if I get a good chance to get rid of of one, I will, but I’m not going out of my way for a little mouse or two.

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