May 24, 2024

13 thoughts on “Zine # 72 – Partying with Mango Chicken

  1. In regards to the “wanting to be lighter” observation, it has been explained to me by my wife that it’s a status symbol of sorts… lighter skin means that you haven’t been outside in the fields, etc, so it implies you are a person of means (whether or not that is true is irrelevant, as it is the APPEARANCE of being well off that is important), who doesn’t have to do hard. physical labor.

    1. I’ve never heard that before. I know that when I was young I did lots and lots of outside physical labor. As I got older I learn an inside trade of running computers. Of course that made me lazier and now I’m fatter, so maybe I should have learned to be a carpenter or a mechanic. I think I’ll ask some of these young people why they want to be “lighter”.

      1. I’m not sure how legitimate that explanation is, it’s just the only one I’ve heard regarding the matter. It may just be a matter of “the grass is always greener.”

        Sometimes, when I’m feeling playful and someone asks me where I’m from, I tell them in Tagalog that I’m a native from Binan… I just use a lot of whitening soap. Usually gets a chuckle or two.

        I have noticed, though, that I rarely have a need to use any sort of screen here. Usually I have to lather it on, but I’ve used it only twice since moving here, and both of those were just because we were at beaches with no shade.

        I’d get that splotch on your arm looked at… should just cost a couple hundred pesos, and better safe than sorry…

        1. You know Trick, I don’t normally use the stuff either. I just thought I should to try to avoid more splotches. The ones I have are just about gone. By next week they will be completely gone, but if they come back as heavy as this last one did, I think I will see a doctor about it. As you and Heidi have pointed out, and are correct, better safe than sorry, but I think not for what I have now. If the sun block doesn’t help, then I really should see if there is something I can do besides wearing long sleeves out in this humidity. Most of my shirts have ‘no’ sleeves.

  2. John, you should get that abnormal splotch on your arm checked out by a doctor. Better be safe than sorry.

    1. Well it’s almost gone now Heidi. I get them when I go out in the sun too much and my mom gets them too. She covers up when she goes out now. I still need to learn. It’s one of the reasons why my exercising is not progressing. The other part is because I don’t get off my butt enough to go out.

  3. John how is weight loss program going havnt heard anything on that.Do you know you can buy a little oven looks a lot like the toaster ovens
    only bigger we had on in Subic worked great wife baked chicken,cakes and even fish,it cost around 4000 peso.

    1. Weight loss is going as good as it normally does …. not so good.
      I have heard of the toaster ovens, but it always seems to be a bad time for us to try to get anything extra. It took a long time just to get our water heater. We will look for one of those toaster ovens when we go to Angeles, but that probably won’t be until May. Not positive we will have the ‘around P4000’ to spare then, but we’ll see. Thanks for the info though Wayne. I’d like to have one of those.

    2. Wayne, now that I reread you comment without the Red Horse in me, I see you said “like” a toaster oven, not “a” toaster oven. Did you buy that in Subic? We would really be interested in one of those. I suppose it’s electric and you just plug it in when you want to use it? Or does it run on the propane? I’ll check at whatever passes for an appliance store here, but we will probably be going to Angeles in a couple of months if they don’t have them here. I’d like to be able to have lasagna again, but most especially my chicken treats taste better baked than fried.

      1. Yes John that has happened to me a few times when i am having to much fun.They didnt have a SM store in Subic back then so we drove to Angeles and bought it there.Yes it is electric
        and Resiel said she could bake six chicken legs at one time in it,you could bake a small Lsagna in it.That was about the time i started to stay away from fried foods,it helped me drop a few pounds.We have 30 days till we head your way will be to go somewhere

        1. Okay good so maybe we will find it in Angeles in May. Only 6 chicken legs? Well I guess we could cook 2 breasts in there then. I don’t need much lasagna anyway.
          Cool, see you in about 35-40 days then, probably.

  4. Big Jon. Brother bite the bullet and get the tickets to Korea, I bet in the long run it will be cheaper for ya. Not only is flying space A like betting the rent on rolling a hard 8 (little craps metaphor there). I bet if you break out pencil and paper and assume you’ll wait a day or two for a seat and figure in hotel, meals, meriandas, tricycle fares to and from the base, impulse items, (a beer here and there 😉 ) etc etc and then the mental anguish. But just my opinion and worth the exact amount that you paid for it lololol.

    1. Well it definitely is a thought. We might have come up with another solution, but I’m not exposing that here. You’ll have to read my next post to find out what else we ‘might’ do.

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