April 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Zine #67 – Cathy’s Girl

  1. If you locate me some bread yeast, I can make the hogie bread. I do know where to get lettuce now in Calbayog. The same place that sells the big yellow onions!

    1. I’m sure I can find a bakery around here, there are plenty of them, that makes or will make the hoagie bread for me. Lita gets lettuce once in awhile, but we don’t worry about it much. I can have a sandwich without it, although I’d rather have it and the tomatoes. Lita says that there is no ham right now anyway. She will be checking again tomorrow though. She will also be stopping in Tacloban in about a week and a half, so maybe she can get a good ham there to bring back.

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