June 11, 2024

4 thoughts on “Yankee Cousin and Expat Charity

  1. I’ve been here in the Philippines for almost 13 years now. I’ve seen a lot of charitable efforts come and go. Some have been very worthy and successful and others out and out scams … or stupid, like the guy I know who was setting up a free driving school for Jeepney drivers to teach them the rules of the road, LoL. (He’s still waiting for his first student, last time I checked).

    But something I have participated in along with my wife Philippine High School class group has been “Elementary School Feedings”. You can run this with as many as one ot two cooks up to as many who want to join, Contact the principal of a nearby elementary school (the poorer the better) and ask for their rules or suggestions about bring hot meals by … once a month or so.

    It’s very cheap to buy a lot of cheap chicken parts at the palengke and NFA-style rice. then boil eveything down to a congie (rice porridge) type consistency and bring it to the school, hot, in time for a late breakfast or brunch. Paper bowls, plastic spoons, and a little spice and a lot of love is all the other items needed.

    You WILL be rewarded, I can guarantee that.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Dave. I will be sure to bring up this one when I meet with the other expats. Do you also serve the food or just bring it there and let the school officials take over? Maybe it could go either way. Helping needy kids is always a good cause and always makes me feel good.

      1. Oh, we set up a little serving iine and serve … that’s the best part, watching their faces when they see the size of the bowl of chicken congee they get, the smell of it, and knowing that the whole bowl full is theirs to savor,

        1. I was hoping that we’d be able to do that. I don’t know the policy of doing that in the Philippines. I thought maybe it had to be school officials. Yeah, I’ll be asking about this one.

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