May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Xooming to a New Restaurant

  1. Glad you got to see some of the draft since you enjoy it. To me it is just a big crap shoot. None of them has proven anything. And a lot of times later round picks and non drafted players do better.
    But on your pay why don’t you set up a bank to bank transfer between your bank in Texas and your bank there.
    Hope your garden works out. We have a big garden area there in the Philippines next to are rice field we have sent many vegetable and flower seeds over and most do good. We will be bringing a lot of seeds with us when we move. That will give us something to keep us busy.

    1. Yes I enjoy the draft, especially the first 3 or 4 rounds. Yeah sometimes the later round guys do outdo the early round guys. You just have to do more homework than the other teams and hope you hit on a winner.
      I believe they charge for bank to bank transfers and actually charge more for those than I have to pay with Xoom.
      I hope the garden works out too, but I won’t have much to say about it. I don’t work in the garden. I’ve got like a black thumb. If I touch them, they’ll die. Lita plans to bring some seeds back from our next trip to Texas. I’m not sure which ones, but as long as they are ones I like (and they work) it’s okay with me.

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