May 25, 2024

5 thoughts on “Thursday – 9 Sep 2010

  1. u r i found you..david allen was here the other nite and u didnt have nothing new for me to read to him…glad to see you up and runnin again..i try to read it everyday (if u post anything) laterzzzz johnny

    1. Well I will post everyday, if my computer will co-operate and I’m at home. Maybe I should get a laptop too. Anyway you didn’t say how you liked or didn’t like the new look of the blog. I’m trying to make it appealing to a lot of people, and at the same time trying not to overdo it.

    1. Thanks Keith. I just knew that if you were the one that replied, you would put exactly what I typed. I just knew it.
      But it did make it, so I really do appreciate it.

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