May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – 8 Dec 2010

  1. Let me see.. you use 2 refrigerators, how many fans and air conditioners? My cousin in SL once got a bill for P10T in one month; SOLECO discovered an illegal connection.

    Re the rechargeables, the cost will be worth the convenience of not having to run out at the most inopportune moment. You’ll always have a pair “loaded” when the ones you’re using conks out. 🙂

    According to the experts, the most common cause of premature battery failure is overcharging. The new chargers now tell you when a charge is complete.

    Got two types for double and triple A batteries: one has one light per pair of batteries that blinks while they’re charging and turns into a steady light when they’re done. The other lights up when charging is complete and is dubbed a travel quick charger worldwide 100V-240V and only for Ni-MH batteries.

    Then there are also solar chargers with a hand crank that you can use when the skies are overcast. I got one in SL for the cellular phone. Really cool unit. Can’t be in the sticks without a cell; it’s the only means of instant communication with text-ing being the cheapest form.

    I like your new format btw; easy on the eyes. 🙂 And am really glad you’re going to be eating more fruit and veggies. Muchhhh better than chips for your health. Hahaha.

    Keep typing, JJ!

    1. Ok, it’s 1 refrigerator, 1 freezer, 3 fans (2 of them run a lot), 1 a/c, 1 TV, 1 computer and a few appliances used only occasionally. I doubt if there is an illegal connection here, at least not yet.
      I will get the rechargeables probably before next Monday. Guess when the charge is complete, I will put the charged ones in the camera and immediately put the other ones in the charger.
      I was hoping for 1 that charged AA and AAA together, but we mostly only use AA, so that is the main concern.
      Glad you like the new format, I kind of do too. I’ve got more room to do things with this one.
      What’s up with the new e-mail? I see you added ‘planet’ to it.
      Keep reading Winda!

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