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11 thoughts on “Wednesday – 4 May 2011

  1. Hi John, been a long time since I could view your site. For some reason, your red background was taking over the entire screen when I clicked on one of the logs.

    Anyway, enjoy HK. If you ever spend more than a day in Manila, let me know and could take you out to a decent steak place thats reasonably priced.


    1. So is the problem with the background still a problem? I can change the background color with little effort if that will help.
      Cool! How reasonably priced are we talking about? Whenever we get ready to head that way I’m sure I’ll be putting that in the blog and we’ll be happy to have some decent steak.

  2. I hope you have a fun safe trip John.I was wondering is it cheaper flying to manila from tacloban,i always thought zest air
    out of calbayog was cheaper.On waiting 21 days to get your money
    that seems to be the norm,when i banked with BPI that is how long i had to wait.Other friends said that was the same for them.

    1. I don’t really know how much it is from Calbayog to anywhere because Lita doesn’t like to fly in the smaller planes, so I never looked into the prices.
      She’d rather drive to Tacloban and take the larger plane. I’m okay with that.
      Well that 21 days is a pain in the butt. Seems like there should be a better way.

      1. calbayog to manila is usually between 2400 p to 3700 p. And the planes used are like the dash 8 and very comfortable and its an hour flight.

        1. I’ll take a look at what the plane looks like and show Lita. If it looks okay to her, maybe next time we’ll give it a try.

          1. John i noticed in your comment view on the left side of your blog the date is wrong and seems to be stuck on may 4. Just so you know.

          2. I just wanted to add here that I’m sorry I’m behind again. I was already 2 days behind before I left and since I’ve been back I’ve had Internet problems again, place I’m sick. I’m sneezing and my nose is running all over the place (can’t catch that sucker).
            Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and get you caught up on my little Hong Kong adventure after I input May 5th and 6th. I may have to do more than I post tomorrow. I keep pretty good records of my trip for Saturday and Sunday. I slacked off a little on Monday so I’ll have to do most of that from memory so I don’t want to wait too long.
            Bear with me, I’ll get it all in here.

  3. John, the BK and Popeye’s in the HK airport is quite expensive, just be prepared. There is a place called Murphy’s Irish Pub in HK that has a great American style hamburger, too. I don’t remember the area it is in but it is easily accessible from the subway in a shopping district and a popular place. Someone should be able to help you find it. And there are McDonald’s restaurants everywhere. It is probably the most popular restaurant in HK.
    Enjoy your trip. I recommend taking the trolly up to Victoria Peak, also. Great view!

    1. I think every restaurant in the airport will be expensive, but I will need to do at least one of them because we have a long wait there. I don’t eat at McDonald’s unless everyone else is doing it and then I only eat the french fries. I think their hamburgers are crap, even in the US.
      I will try to convince Lita to check out Victoria Peak.

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