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9 thoughts on “Wednesday – 3 Nov 2010

  1. hahaha… noy english speaking kna ha….
    UJ seen my pic…. atleast you never took a picture while im taking the food into my mouth…. hahahaha… though i really look fat now it ok.. inside the family they call me margie but most of my friends call me marge…. you know shortcut version…. hahahaha…. taking out the letter “i” into my name makes a 2 syllabul name “margie” a single one “marge”…. ok…. i’ll comback everyday to give words translated from english to waray including cebuano and tagalog….

    ENGLISH : now , later
    TAGALOG : ngayon , mamaya
    WARAY : yana , niyan
    ILONGGO : subong , karon
    CEBUANO : karon , unya

  2. I just found your site a few days ago and I plan to visit it often. I too have plans to retire to PI but I guess I need to wait a few more years. My wife is a Filipina and we have been married for 15 years now. We have a house and two vacant lots in the Legaspi area (Mt. Mayon) and a family compound outside of Manila in Antipolo. Just waiting for my pension to catch up to my ambitions.
    Keep up the good work on the web site. I especially like seeing the pics and hearing from an American expat in the RP. The perspective is invaluable to me.
    John (in FL)

    1. Glad to have you here John. I just returned from an adventure down in Southern Leyte. I haven’t had a post in 4 days and not sure I’m going to be doing one tonight, kind of wore out. But I will be back tomorrow for sure. I’ll try not to bore you with my posts, but I can’t promise I’ll have an exciting day everyday. Whatever I’m doing seems to work out okay, so I’ll keep trying.

  3. howdy! so your leaving tomorrow! i wish i could come…but i guess im not…can you remind auntie lolly to please bring the cabinet divider in tambis from my tita baby’s house.many thanks!VON VOYAGE!

    1. Yes we are suppose to leave tomorrow, but then yesterday I heard maybe we will leave Saturday morning. Who knows for sure, I don’t know.
      I reminded Auntie Lolly already and she said okay.

      1. many,many,many thanks!btw whose coming with you?you gonna have many photos when you come back.take a pic on the guinsaogon its a nice topic..

        1. Not sure who’s going with us. I know Titing, Neneng, Auntie Lolly, Me and Leo (driving). I already talked a little about Guinsaogon, but I guess after I get some pictures, I can mentioned it again. Not too much detail though.
          Many, many, many your welcomes.

  4. Yes I hope it dosn’t rain that would make for a very wet ride.I would sure like to hear how big the robinson store is and if they have more foods that can be found in the western style stores.The robinson store in Angeles had very good selection and a good hardware store.Going to a bank in the Philippines is sure
    different than in the USA,the first time I was in one I could not believe how long
    it took to get any money.

    1. Robinson Mall is not that big and neither is the supermarket inside it. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the entrance to the supermarket, although the entrance makes it look bigger than it actually is, I think. The Handy Andy at Robinson Mall seems like a good hardware store, it’s probably a franchise, but this is the only one that I’ve seen so far. Of course I haven’t been to another mall since we moved here. Yeah the banks are slow, but I guess if you moved here for the slower pace of the PI, then that comes with the territory.

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