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7 thoughts on “Wednesday – 25 Aug 2010

  1. Yes I think NY is the best bet also. Only 2 more days until Fiesta, it’ll be my first one here. I’m hoping it’ll be a good adventure that I’ll never forget.

  2. Thank you…much appreciated. You’re it is more efficient to get all the paper done here in US and since NY is only two hrs away from us that probably our best bet. I did not think about paying taxes since we won’t be working in calbayog unless i get bored and open a business of which i need a business plan. We will solely depend on our pensions and eventually SSS. We currently own a small house in Brgy Carmen but plan to build another in Narcisa Hills. I will check out the site. Happy fiesta.

  3. My husband is black American and as many times he had been in Calbayog he still get some stares. He just smile at them and go about his business. We plan sell to our house in Delaware before moving to Calbayog. I am also trying to see if we can endorse our mnedical insurance policy (Blue & Blue shield)to ensure that we have medical coverage.I am also trying to get him a permanent Visa so he doesn’t have to go out the country yearly/renew his visa. So much work to do before we can retire:(

    1. I might be able to check on the medical insurance for you. I’ll let you know.
      As for the permanent Visa, check into the 13a and 13g Visas for the Philippines. One of them, I forget which right now, will allow him to become a permanent resident and he won’t have to leave every year. Of course this also means he will be asked to pay taxes. I hear it’s easier and cheaper to get a 13a/13g Visa in the US, before travelling here.

    2. And another thing. If you have any questions about Living in the Philippines there’s a Yahoo Group called “LivinginthePhilippines3” that has a lot of expats living here and they can answer most, maybe all of your questions.

      Also try

      Both sites have good information.

  4. Maybe a ‘true Samarino’ in spirit, but being a big, white American is going to make it hard to be totally true. I’ve been here almost 4 months and I’m still getting many stares. Especially from children. It’s cool though, I usually just stare back or ignore it. It doesn’t bother me really. Maybe in a few more months I’ll stop getting so many, when they get more use to me hanging around.

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