June 25, 2024

11 thoughts on “Deleting Files and Separating Trash

  1. Is this medical related to the VA which is in the us embassy also?
    UJ if you need fast,reasonable, even by filipinostandards,pc work, I have used TechnoG on Magsaysay Blvd, just across the street from CKC and they work on Sundays too, I had a problem when windows shut down on me for using unregistered os, lol, got it in PH. So at 10 am Sunday morning i took it into technoG got a full reformat,install OS,saved my back-up files, reinstalled all my old pics , at 1pm it was done my bill P300

    1. I don’t know yet Rick. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.
      If the cousin doesn’t come through, I will probably take you up on your computer repair suggested place. I need to do something because these lines that just pop up whenever they please, is driving me crazy. I know it’s a short trip to Looneyville for me, so I’d like to take a few long detours.

      1. I need a new half size dvd reader/writer for my mini-tower pc UJ so i will be going to TechnoG soon after payday. Christian Electronics farther down Magsaysay Blvd sells the components cheaper, but having use of one hand makes installing them bit tricky for me , besides the labor charges are minimal. CD-R King stores like in Robinson mall tacloban sell components the cheapest if you take the trip to Tacloban, I think Christian Electronics gets parts there then mark them up some to sell here.

  2. I was reading where the Embassy just opened a 50 million dollar medical clinc in their compond. But it didn’t say who was authorized to use it. Maybe they are keeping it top secret so they do not have a flood of expats wanting to use it.

      1. I was reading the Embassy website and they said the medical clinic is only for VA disability and by appointment only. When you retire from the Military you become a third class citizen for medical benefits which they promise you when they need warm bodys to fight the politicians wars. Even in the states. It took me three months to get my gall blader removed which was giving me problems. I think if the VA maintains any facility in the world then retirees should be able to use the same. But as long as we have politicians who keep eroding veterans benefits to give themselves more perks which they do not inform the people about because this is done behind close doors. Soon there will be none left for the veterans who are already retired.

        1. I hardly use the military medical benefits, except for some prescriptions. I went to the VA a couple of times, but they charged me and it was less expensive with my health insurance to go elsewhere. TRICARE has been good insurance for me.

          1. I hope that doesn’t mean they will raise the price of TriCare. I still have to get mine changed back to TriCare Prime, maybe. I don’t know if I should leave it a TriCare Standard overseas or not. There is, last time I checked, only 1 doctor in Calbayog that will accept TriCare. Maybe there will be more once this place starts building up and I should keep it the way it is.

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