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16 thoughts on “Wednesday – 13 Oct 2010

  1. LOL. No UJ I’m not ignoring you b/c that would get me in lots of trouble…lol.
    But it’s okay to send my UJ a Christmas present…lol. But now if I get up there and they tell me it’s gonna be like $200 just to ship it then I will think “OK OK UJ I will just bring it to you” LOL.

    1. No it won’t be that much, it shouldn’t be more than $130, at the most to ship, but then to fill the box would be another…what $70? That’s still around $200. I really don’t want you to spend that kind of money on me, when you have a family and you need to save money for the trip here.

  2. Hey UJ, Yup that’s just for the shipping. I was only able to get 3 med cans of Dinty Moore, 50 packs of Kool-aid Lemonade, and I almost got the whole case of Ramen Chicken Noodle Soup in the Orange package, just shy of 4 packages. I would have to get a seperate one to send you the Beef Jerky from Robinson’s sooo…. I think I it will be better to just do the bigger box and send it to you for Christmas. Let me know what Aunt Lita wants me to send her too.

    1. Are none of my messages getting through about not having to do this? Just wait until you come here. Or are you ignoring me? Aunt Lita doesn’t need anything. She has everything she likes here, except the beef jerky. Most of the lemonade is for her too, the ice candy. The stew and noodles for me. You can put all that in one of the suitcases you will have to come here. NO CHARGE!

  3. Jen and I talked today about when we were going to Samar. We wanted to leave on the 18th but the travel agency tells us that there was nothing available that day or Tuesday the 19th. Apparently, Cebu Pacific is not going as often as they once did due to lack of customers. I’m sure that would not make the owners of the new hotel real excited to hear. It looks like we will be arriving on the 20th. I will be there only until Saturday or Sunday and Jen and George will stay there for 3 or 4 more days after I leave. I have to be back in Angeles by 10am Monday to process payroll. I am comfortable with the internet here and scared of the internet there. I don’t think the employees would be too interested in my excuses for not getting them their paychecks on a timely basis..”sorry, no internet in Samar” is not going to work very well. At some point, I have to be there on a payroll day to see how it works though. I can’t be running back and forth. I will talk to the ISP when I get there about getting things hooked up properly in San Joaquin.

    I like Breadmix better than Jollibees or Chow King. The portions are incredibly small but the food overall is not too bad.

    If you want something to do, take the POS up to San Joaquin and see if you can find our house. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. Of course, once you get there and find the house, then what? There is nothing to do in SJ so now you have to turn around and drive back to Calbayog…but at least you had an adventure. There are some beautiful spots on the drive. More pictures for the blog.

    I will let you know my schedule once I have it booked.

    1. What can I say. Okay. I’ll see you when you get here. Don’t hurry on my part. I still like the orange chicken at Chow King the best. We still need to give the POS a test drive before Tambis, so maybe we will go to San Joaquin.

  4. You are getting to sound like my wife after being in Samar for 2 weeks and getting kot up with all the local news. She’s ready to go back to states or Manila. I tell her lets get out and travel around Samar and see the rest of the Island. Get out and travel see the pacific ocean in eastern Samar. You will be surprised of how many people that has lived in western Samar all their lives and have not been to Eastern or Northern. Make a day of it and I am sure you will get volunteers from the rest of the tribe to go with you. Life is to short to be hanging around the house if you have not explored the rest of the Philippines.

    1. I’m going to try to get these people to just get in the pos and drive. Just for the heck of it to places that they don’t go, or don’t normally go. I understand how your wife feels though. Of course if I was in the States, I’d have to have a job. Heck even that doesn’t sound too bad right now.

  5. Yup UJ you should start taking a walk into town maybe a couple of times a week. It will get you out of the house and you will probably see some interesting things to write about even if you dont interact with people.
    I did check into the shipping of the “Flat Rate” boxes to you and it’s $55 so that is a lil more reasonable but the boxes aren’t that big but at least its a Care Package from your favorite niece that starts with a “J”… hehe.

    1. That $55, is that just for the shipping? Is there a weight limit? If the boxes aren’t very big, then are they big enough to put the stews and kool-aid in? Maybe a 6 pack of ramen soup. Just asking. Still seems high. Just bringing it with you would be good enough. No need to spend money to send us something that is not ‘really’ necessary. I’ll live without it until you arrive.

  6. Would Titing or the other folks there get offended if you start informing them that rodents are not the most sanitary animals?

    Sometimes, JJ, just getting out to see someone like you didcan get you out of the cabin fever state. 🙂 And whatever happened to writing about your life prior to your move to Samar? How did Lita and you meet? How about if we ask you questions and you can expand on your replies in your daily blog? Should I keep asking? 😉

    When you go to Tambis, which route do you take from Tacloban? What towns do you go through? How long does it take the Tac-Tambis stretch? How many usually accompany your ride in the pos?

    More Qs tomorrow. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Can’t answer your questions here, already made notes for the post. I will say that the questions help because it does give me more to say. I made the decision to “stay on the subject”. Not put in there about things that happen while I wasn’t in the PI, except for the grandkids that one time. Lita and I met, of all places, at a divorce party in San Antonio TX.

  7. John i think your idea of writing every other day maybe better for you would hate to have you burnout and quit altogether.Another idea might
    be have other people write about there experiences in PI.People in samar
    would be nice.Idont know what happened to the Samar expat blog used to read that and posted a few times,sorry to see it end.
    For something to do you ever think of going into calbayog for coffee i used to do that last time we were there i always met a american at chow king or at the rest. at the corner of the fish pier and next to the gas station.
    Itwas nice to just have someone new to talk to.Also if you get a motor bike
    get a scooter it has no clutch it will be easier to learn how to drive.Hang in
    hang in there John dont get to bored.

    1. I might try that coffee thing, but I don’t drink much coffee. Don’t know if I could get someone to write something else. Don’t know anyone here to write, but I guess I could have a guest writer sometimes. Anybody living in the Philippines, reading this, want to volunteer?
      I don’t want this blog to end, I just would like to have something interesting to write about. I don’t want to write things if there are not that many people reading it. Except for a couple of relatives, I haven’t had a new reader in a while. At least not one that has left a comment.
      The restaurant next to the gas station on the corner is Breadmix. I haven’t been there since I’ve been here. In fact, I’ve only been there once, ever. I should go there again. I don’t even remember if they have anything there I like to eat. If they have coffee, I guess I could do that. I’m not that sociable to meet someone new, but I could get someone here to go with me and talk with them, without all the distractions around here. That would help. Just getting out will help alone.

      1. Yea the breadmix has coffee,tea,cold drinks and a few bakery goods.They
        have fillipino foods,hamburgers,hotdogs and a few other things,they also
        make cakes,nice place to have a snack and watch the people and cars going by.What do you think of a forum section where people can ask questions and they can be answered by you or other readers.

        1. See today’s post for more on the Breadmix. I don’t know about the forum section, how would we make that work? Couldn’t people just ask questions in comments and that would be the same? I will say, I feel much better today than I did at this time yesterday.

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