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7 thoughts on “Wednesday – 10 Nov 2010

  1. welcome back uj…..i was visiting your blog yesterday morning try to see some new stories, but i guess you posted it last night. see you soon uj…ill be leaving today to bohol.

    1. Yes I posted it last night to make sure I got in all the things that happen to me during the day.
      When you go to Bohol, do you plan to stop by here, either going or coming back?

      1. ill be leaving this afternoon at 3:00 pm…via airplane straight to tagbilaran bohol…may be i take a visit on nov. 18 in calbayog for the weekend.thanks for bringing the cabinet…:D

  2. JJ, if you went to Silago, you went through the steep mountains! I suppose between there and Hinunangan you cut through to St. Bernard. Never had reason to use that road. So you didn’t pass through our wee town. 🙂

    I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember that indoor/outdoor restaurant by the highway in Palo where I always stop for breakfast when I drive to Tacloban: ANDOKS ! Thanks. It has started a franchise and are building -or have built- a couple in Cebu. The one in Palo has lots of parking which is real handy, as well as its being right by the national road.

    Have you thought of getting rechargeable batteries for your camera? May be cheaper in the long run. But I can’t remember whether they’re available in Tac.

    Looking forward to a few more photos of S.L., the town of Tambis and its environs in particular.

    It’s a clear day here today, 4 degrees Centigrade, 100% humidity, 10% POP. Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the USA, Remembrance Day in Australia and Canada. A statutory holiday and a time to pause and thank those who fought and/or died for our freedom.

    Ayo-ayo. Ingat. Adios.

    1. Well we went through Silago and the mountains sure were steep, but I couldn’t tell you where we turned. I don’t know why we go that way. If I was driving we’d go a different route that didn’t involve all that climbing.
      There you go: Andoks. I don’t remember if I got a picture of it or not. I know I didn’t get out of the truck but I still might have taken one.
      I’ve thought of rechargeable batteries and in fact every time I go into Home Depot here, they suggest that. I don’t know, I never used them before, but maybe I should since I take some many pictures.
      Well I’ve got several pictures of Tambis and surrounding area that I will be posting tonight and tomorrow.
      So if tomorrow is Veteran’s Day (and I know it is), then today is my parents anniversary (Joyce, Jaclyn). Happy #54 Mom & Dad. I’ve already sent Mom an E-card.
      Did you get a better fix on where Tambis is?

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