May 22, 2024

2 thoughts on “Visitors and People

  1. Probable the reason Imports is so expensive because the Government puts 100% tax on imported items. Which usually ends up in someone’s secret Bank Account. And why they have so much smuggling going on. You can buy a bottle of 325 aspirins with 500 for a little over $3.00 which the doctor put me on after my 2 Blood Clog in leg plus Plavix in US. Those spots you get on your arms when in sun is probable due to age and taking aspirins daily. I cannot go outside without long sleeve shirt or my arms will turn purple in a couple of days if in sun to long.

    1. Well I can’t do anything about getting older, that I know of, but I hate thinking that I need to stay out of the sun unless I’m wearing long sleeves. I’m not use to wearing sleeves at all, much less long sleeves. I’m hoping there is something that can be done about that. I can quit taking aspirin daily, but I’m not sure it would be worth it.

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