May 23, 2024

13 thoughts on “Upcoming Adventure

  1. UJ we are in oak harbor Washington visiting with my wife sister. Us and are dog will be departing Vancouver for the Philippines on the 27th of August. My wife has her dual citizenship and I have my 13a visa. We thought about doing balikbayan but finely opted for doing the 13a visa . Your wife should get her dual citizenship there’s no disadvantage in her doing this. And if you would get your 13a visa it would save you from having to buy the throw away ticket when traveling from the states to the Philippines.
    We spent about 2 months getting all are paperwork in order but the good thing was for us we lived in Illinois and was only a couple hours drive from the Philippine consulate in Chicago. So we could drive there instead of having to do it all threw the mail.

    1. Well maybe when you get here, we’ll be able to meet. August 27th is fast approaching. I’ve tried to explain to my wife about the dual citizenship, but she doesn’t listen to me. Maybe I can get other Filipinas with dual citizenship to talk to her. As for me, well I’d like a 13a visa, but it’s not as important as for her. I never have to buy a throw away ticket, except for the first time we came over. According to their regulations if you are in balikbayan status, you do not need to purchase a throw away. Sometimes they need to be reminded at Immigration though.
      A friend here did his 13a through the mail and he said it went pretty smooth. I forget how much he said it cost though. How much did it cost, just for the 13a itself? How about for dual citizenship? I’ll bet that’s not free to get. Both something we really should be looking into, though the way we have been doing it has been working just fine.

      1. Hey John I would think that if there is BI in Calbayog you should be able to apply there for Dual Citizen or 13a Visa. Last time I checked it Cost $ 50.00 for Dual Citizen but that was several years ago.

        1. I’m not even sure there is a BI here. I know that someone is here sometimes, that might be a BI. I never had to use it before, but I’ll check on it AFTER we get back from this next trip to Texas next month. I suppose that even though we would not HAVE to leave, we still could if we wanted to. I wonder if there are fees to pay with a 13a? I don’t pay any fees now.

  2. I’m looking forward for your next adventure. Hopefully, this time it will be a smooth trip using Space A…..You’re right about the popularity of youtube videos. I think most people would rather watch video than to read a blog. The more videos you post the more subscribers you will get.

    1. Yes I was told that. I just need to get out and do the videos. Maybe I’ll even learn a little bit about editing them and making them look nice.

  3. 13g visa for Lita? Isnt she a dual citizen yet John? If your going to be in the states that long you should look into the possibility of getting it. If I remember right it was a one day affair. If and when you ever get your 13a, its a requirement.

    1. No she is not a dual citizen. She doesn’t want to be a dual citizen. I’ve been trying to talk her into it, but she is stubborn.

      1. Time to break out the man club John. I don’t see any down side to dual citizenship. It has no effect on any benefit from the states. With it she can get a senior discount card (legally), draw SSS, etc. etc. etc. Plus once she has it you can get your 13A and avoid the “need” and expense of leaving each year.

        1. I’ll make another attempt to get her to agree with us. Her problem with it I believe is that she was talking to some of her friends in the US. She believed, and obviously still believes, whatever they told her. Something about having to pay taxes and being a pain in the butt. I don’t see either of those, but as I’ve said, she is stubborn. I think she just doesn’t want to mess with it or spend the money to get it done.

    1. I was a little confused on why you were asking this, but then I remembered the line I put in the post. Our phone is out of order.

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