July 18, 2024

2 thoughts on “TV Wedding and Drinking Calendar

  1. Thank you so much, JJ, for putting a calendar back in this blog. 🙂 i`m not having too successful a try of finding enough time to get caught up. I’ll keep trying. Keep pounding those keys! 😮 Salamat.

    1. Walang problema. Well I put it back in there especially for you. I hope it is helpful for others also though. As you can tell, or at least I think, this calendar is better than the last one. The last one did not give you the name of the posts for the day. Plus this one looks better. I’ll keep pounding away, but remember if you know something else that might like reading what I pound on here, let them know. The more people, the more chance of someone clicking on the ads. The more people click on the ads, the faster I get the bills paid. The faster I get the bills paid, the faster I get my stove. The faster I get my stove, the faster I get my baked chicken wrapped around cheese and a hot pepper (hopefully a jalapeno) and wrapped with bacon. I don’t really like those things fried, baked is much better.

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