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6 thoughts on “Tuesday – 4 Oct 2011

  1. i use trike,pedal powered, centercar,motorcycle with built on cab, 25 km is big trip for my golf cart but to Santa Marguerita,airport,anywhere around town i take it, best thing LTO does not know what to do about lis,reg on it so nothing has to be done not even a drs lis just get in and go with it being a stretched model,2 forward facing benchseats, i have gotten wifey,me 8 filipino passengers and luggage to the pantalan no problems

    1. I would love to have a golf cart for scooting around the barangay. Where did you get the cart?

  2. yes, you can take a multi-cab to San Joaquin. I think this happened during my second or third trip to Calbayog and we took the trike from the airport. I try to walk around town myself although Jen will usually take the pajak pajak. I have even walked while she took the pajak pajak because, let’s face it, there is not enough room in the pajak pajak for both of us. 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s a tight fit in some of those. Lita likes to get the ones that have the seat on the outside and she will sit on that while I sit inside.
      I’m game for walking everywhere downtown. Heck I’ve even walked home from downtown a couple of times.

  3. I did not know about the colors of the trikes either but I only take them around town anyways. Of course, I might be confused as to what you mean by trike. Around town, I only take the ones where the guy has to pedal. I have taken one of the motorcycles that have the cab behind it several times. Once we took it the 25km from the city to San Joaquin and I thought I was going to have to get out and push in order to get up some of the hills. The trip took over an hour so we won’t do that again.

    1. I was talking about the motorized tricycles. I try to remember to call the pedal ones pajak pajak, so everyone will not get them confused.
      Don’t they have multi-cabs that go out to San Joaquin from Calbayog? 25km is a long way for a tricycle of any size. Around town I just walk and it’s getting to where Lita will just walk also. Before she had to take a pajak pajak from Metro Bank to the wet market, but I think she would walk these days.

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