April 20, 2024

5 thoughts on “Promoting Blogs Without Yahtzee Pads

    1. Thanks Qais. I’ve got it, been there and left a comment already.
      I also plan to have my new blog “Calbayog Corner” running a full speed soon. Tomorrow I will see a lady that will be assisting me with information.
      I’m going to do what I can to help promote Calbayog.
      The first 2 pictures EVER on that new Calbayog thread are MY pictures. Plus the first link on the new site is to my site (not counting being able to click on the names)

  1. Ahh the power of Suggestion French Toast bug bit you ehh? LOL, There is a white bread at Juliannes bakery that has cinnimum in it already i don’t care for it in anything but french toast, plus Flor adds a drop or two of Vanila into the egg/milk mix.

    If you don’t try the babby back ribs at Marcial’s grill you will miss out on the tastest thing on the menu so 9 of 12 ppl said at our Anniversary Luncheon.

    1. We will be getting the baby back ribs. At least Lita will. I will try something else to get a variety. I also plan to get that dessert thing you were talking about. I forget the name now, but I’ll recognize it when I see it on the menu. There’s a fudge brownie there also that Blair says is a must try.
      For the appetizer, I still don’t know, but as I said, if there are cheese sticks, there is no other choice.

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