May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Tuesday – 24 Aug 2010

  1. I understand about ‘unavoidable circumstances’. We were delayed 3 months because of them. Hopefully it will all work out for you soon.
    No we did not bring our household goods. We sold what we could and put the rest in storage. As we visit back in the US, we will try to sell a little at a time and send some more here via Forex. Our goal is to use a smaller and smaller storage unit, until one is not necessary anymore. That Forex is a wonderful thing. We shipped 32 boxes here and they all arrived safe and sound (but a few broken glasses and plates), so wrapped things up well if you use them.

  2. John, nice job in keeping everyone posted. I am looking forward of going back home to stay. Our plans are temporarily put on hold for now because of some unavoidable circumtances. Did you brought your household goods to Calbayog?

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