June 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Tuesday – 14 Sep 2010

  1. You’re going to end up a chef with all this cooking! 🙂 Maybe you could just sneak off with 2 or 3 BBQ sticks from the cooked ones for sale. We won’t tell shh.. LOL. Nothing quite like Filipino BBQs. About the stew. We always use a slow cooker starting before noon, tossing in veggies through the day, tougher ones first. When it’s ready the meat melts in your mouth.

    Your BBQ venture will do well, don’t worry. Give the word-of-mouth advertising time to make its rounds. Thanks for the photos. Arnel’s bamboo furniture looks quite neat and precise. Now you need catchy signs for Loly Cat.

    I’ve got to find out what the heck you’re talking about when you write of fantasy football teams. Google came up with 91,600,000 sites in 0.51 seconds. Lots of reading. |-O

    Keep typing! 🙂

    1. I’m not the one doing the cooking, so a chef I’ll never be. Only thing I can cook well is chili. So far the pork on a stick is not selling that well, so I could probably get a couple of those. It’s actually probably the only thing I’d care to sneak off with there, and I don’t like pork very much. We need to get a slow cooker for here. I love stew of all kinds and that would make it easier on Lita when cooking for me. Any idea for those ‘catchy’ signs? How did you get those Smiley faces in the comments section? Fantasy football? Ask your husband, he probably knows. Basically it’s just drafting or buying (auction) players to be on your team, and you get points based on the settings of your league and how well the actual player does in real life. Keep Reading!

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