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Before I continue with our latest trip to Texas, I would like to mention something about the cell phones here in the Philippines.  We have been here for almost 4 1/2 years and these cell phones still confuse me.  I suppose it could be me, but I never had a problem with the cell phones in the US.  The day before we left on vacation I put a P100 Globe load in our phone.  I sent 7 text messages, and only that many because the first 3 didn’t look like they worked.  Took too long to get to the destination.  Anyway, after those 7 text messages, it said that my balance was now zero.  Text messages are suppose to be like P2 per message.  When I went to school 2×7 did not equal 100 (but who knows now with the core math they are teaching).  What further upset me was that I could not even call customer service to complain, because I did not have a load.

The phone was packed in one of our boxes we brought over on the bus and I couldn’t find it (because Lita moved everything around), so I didn’t get to ‘talk’ with Globe on my recent trip there, which I will get into later, but on my next trip there to pay the bill, I will confront them with that and see what they can come up with.  There’s got to be something on that phone that is active that needs to be turned off, probably.  Either that or this phone system knows I’m a foreigner is is applying the ‘skin tax’ to me.

Okay now, back to the tripping.  When I left off we had just landed in Manila on 22 Aug and it was around 3:05 pm.

Upon rounding the corner in the walkway there were several people with wheelchairs.  One of the young ladies asked Lita if she wanted to ride.  That’s good for both of us.  Lita does not like to walk.  She only has 1 lung and she gets tired too easy.  It’s good for me for 2 reasons.  1) I don’t have to walk slow to wait on Lita, which makes those bags I’m hauling around seem heavier.  2) When you tell the person with the wheelchair where you are going, they know shortcuts and, in this case, a better way than we usually do.

Normally when we arrive in Manila, and are continuing on via plane, we go out and take a taxi to the other terminal.  That probably seems naive for all you seasoned travelers, but we didn’t really know any better.  We do now.  She brought us to the transfer area and we waited there for the shuttle to take us to Terminal 1 (T1) and United Airlines.  The taxi driver asks for money, the shuttle driver does not, and gets you closer to the gate.  The only drawback I saw for the transfer area was that there was nothing to eat or drink around there.  No restaurants and not even a vending machine.  I had not eaten since the bananas I bought at the little restaurant outside the Tacloban airport.  That was all I had to eat for the day so far, but I figured I had enough fat cells to survive a little bit longer.  A young, cute looking Filipina lady, that seemed to work there, sat down next to Lita and they started talking.  At least she had something to do waiting on the shuttle.

The shuttle showed up around 4:50 pm and we arrived at T1 around 5:00 pm.  Our ticket counter did not open until 7:00 pm because our flight doesn’t leave until 9:45 pm.  So we have another 2 hour wait.  No big deal, except no restaurants in this area either.  While here we did met a couple of Americans.  One guy was named Derrick and he also was going to Guam. His girlfriend is in the military there, I think he said she was a Air Force Captain, and she was coming to pick him up when we got to Guam.

The other guy was named Kelley.  He and his wife actually own a resort on Boracay.  He gave me his card and put his name on it.  He said that if we ever come to the resort, we could get a discount (didn’t say how much of one), just by showing them that card.  He did say that the normal price there was only P2500 per night.  Evidently their resort is not ‘on the beach’ because the name of it is Hilltop Resort.  Here is some information on it.  I have never been to Boracay at all much less this resort, so if you have been there, or go there, please let us all know what you think of it.


Hilltop Resort
Cell Phone: +639985456882
Manager: Ruby Danas 

When 7:00 pm rolls around there is a long line to process through, but it goes pretty quickly.  After surviving immigration we head for our gate (Gate #1).  It is downstairs and there is a long line there too.  It does not go quickly.  As we get down the stairs a little bit and around to where we can see why it’s taking so long , I found out that they are doing manual checks of the 3 B’s (bags, bodies and booties).  That’s booties as in shoes.  It’s was a short walk to Gate #1 but when we got there, no restaurants.  I guess I’ll eat when we get to Guam.  Those bananas seem so long ago.

I guess I will continue our adventure later.  Will I ever get to eat again?  Probably, but when?  What other adventures and lessons are we in store for?  Will we be able to get her ID card renewed in Guam?  We should be able to, but we might be wasting our time and end up coming right back to the Philippines.  If we can’t renew her card, we can not afford to continue to Texas.  If not, we would have already satisfied the requirement to leave the Philippines for at least a day, so we could just fly back and take care of the ID problem later, somehow.  We’ll see what happens soon.

Still no pictures yet, because I didn’t start taking them until we got to Guam.  I want the pictures to correspond to the writing, so you will just have to wait a little longer.  Next post we will make it to Guam.

Salamat Y’all

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  1. I am also from Houston area, I read your website all the time. You had 2 zines about you disappearing minutes in your loads. I am trying to find them because I have the same problem with Smartbro. Please refer me to the Zines.

    1. Well Stever thanks for reading my blog. It’s always good to have a fellow Texan reading. Do you also live in the Philippines? Okay. I’ll see if I can find them, they were not that long ago. I can tell you that, according to Globe, they fixed the problem. I’m not going to be much help in telling you what they did when I brought it in to them, but it was simple. There is something that is turned on in there that needs to be turned off. On my Samsung S4, as you are looking at the phone, the thing that comes up to the left of the battery percentage is what was on that needed to be off. If it has some arrows moving there, then it’s able to steal your load. That is all according to the rep at Globe now. I have not tried to put another load in there since then. I do not use my phone as a phone most of the time. I only use it as a camera. However if you still want those posts, I will find them for you.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, that was the blog I was was trying to find. I have turned it off now.
        I have been iiving in Sindangen for 6 years now.
        I like the Philippines very much.
        Hope you enjoyed your trip to Cebu. I was also there on Feb 9 and 10th. to pay for my passport renewal. Thanks again

  2. Good to see a post from you. About your Globe phone…if you load P100 and DO NOT subscribe to a promo, your pesos will get eaten up faster than a pig at a fiesta. I will usually subscribe to SUPERUNLI25 which is unlimited text/calls, good for 24 hours. After one day, I figure I can go several more days without having to text or call anyone. Incoming texts and calls from other Globe users are free. I can make that P100 last a couple weeks if need be…most times.

    1. If it’s going to eat up the load, then what’s the point of them selling loads at all these places? I may be going to Globe today to ask them about that and maybe even about one of those promos you mentioned. I don’t normally need a phone anyway.

  3. Hey John good to hear you and Lita made it back safe to Samar. I am looking forward to my next trip. Nila says hello to Lita.

      1. I guess it will be sometime last of april like are other yearly trips. Need to check on repairs to house and do more repairs. It has become a money pit. All ways sending money for it and finding more problems each time we are there.

          1. Is anyone having trouble getting to my latest post (Guam Money, Food & Beer)? One reader says he can not get to it. I was messed up, but I thought I corrected it. Please let me know what your status is with that post.

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