June 25, 2024

4 thoughts on “Toll Free Canadian BBQ Plus/Minus

  1. Howdy there folks ! This is the John from originally central Texas mentioned above, and yes I spent 12 years living in the philppines while in the Navy, it was rough duty :), but someone had to do it. I must tell you about my first time dealing the phone or rather cell phone system(s)in the philippines. So the lovely asawa and I arrive for our month long vacation and I brought along two good unlocked quad band cell phones for us to use. So I ask my niece to please buy us a couple of sim cards for our phones, and with the greatest smile ever she whisk away and returns about 10 minutes later with the sims. So being the smart high tech savy guy I think am, but really not, I place the sim in my phone and try to make call, but no joy. So I immediately go into my cell phone systems check mode, power? check! signal? check! sim loaded correctly? check!.

    Now I’m at a loss of how to re-establish world wide communications using my quad band ultra cheap cell phone i got off e-bay. Panic sets in, (not really panic..more like have a san miguel & lets think this over mode). So after two amazing bottles of san magoo products, my lovely amazing niece must have noticed I still haven’t got my quad band communicatios systems re-established and ask me if i have the “load” i needed. I smile and tell her well yes, you gave me the sim so it’s good to go right? And her reply was something like “well yes uncle if you have the right load”. Ok whats a load? i ask, so my lovely niece proceeds to explain that I need to buy a load to make or receive calls, but I’m thinking well yea -duh! the sim cards working but can’t make calls so whats the problem here?.

    About that time my other lovely niece explains that a “load” is time that i buy to “load” on my quad band communications system to make or receive calls or text. So I give my lovely niece some pesonality to but me a “load” and she installs it on my communications device. So after a few hours my inability to deciper that a “load” is the same as a “pre-paid” cell phone in the u.s. and with my nieces assistance, i was able to re-establish communication with the world and have a couple more san magoo products. Only in the philippines :-).

    1. Well John it is a bit different than in the US, that’s for sure. This sim card thing I already knew about after several visits before moving here, but during my second trip here, it was all alien to me too. During my first trip I don’t even know if cell phones where invented yet (1984, my memory of such things is not that good), but I wasn’t concerned about it at that time anyway. At least you got some San Miguel out of it.

  2. Talking about phones, you know if the phone company knows you have an extension phone in your house they will charge you for having 2 phones. There is no justice for the consumers in the Philippines when dealing with monopolies.

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