May 23, 2024

9 thoughts on “Ticket Walking to the Horizon

  1. Yes Don the airport tax is 550 we just paid three weeks ago.John i take same meds as you for gout but i take every day and havnt had a attack in years.

    1. Wayne I have those meds too, and I’m suppose to take them, but I forget a lot. Maybe I’ll learn my lesson after this one, because it sure did hurt.

      1. John also if you can get to Manila or have someone there that can go to generic drug store you can get the pills much cheaper than mercury drugs,some were one ten the price.the generic store in calbyog and
        catbalogn are not the same and there ones that sound the same but go to generic drug store.

        1. I’ll check into that Wayne, Thanks. I hope to be able to get some free meds when I get back to Texas too. Enough to last about 3 months anyway.

  2. 17 almost 18 monthes incountry for me once a year I-acr, once a year PRV no need to leave country

    1. Guam has a nice base there, but I don’t see too many flight heading that way except commercial flights. Osan is the best hub I have around here at this time that I know of, and I’ve been looking.

    1. So we’ll have the P3240 + P1100 (P4340). I’ll just be sure to have at least 5000 in pesos to make that payment. I don’t want to use the currency exchange at the airport unless I have to.

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