April 22, 2024

7 thoughts on “Ice Candy Raining on American Conditioner

  1. Passing on a little info if you haven’t heard yet. SS is being increased by 3.6 percent in 2012 due to cost of living. Just received notice in mail today. So that means Mil retirement should be going up by same. Need to expedite your wife signing up for same. Loosing all those Peso’s by not doing same.

    1. Yes I have heard that, and I thought I mentioned it in the blog, but maybe not. I looked it up even to be sure. Wouldn’t the SS go up to the new amount whether or not you are getting it already?
      Besides, she is not eligible, officially, until Jan 1st, which is when the new pay will go in effect.
      Why is your name spelled wrong on this message, versus all the others? It wanted me to confirm your message and it shouldn’t, so it must have been because of that name.

  2. If you want steaks, you will have to probably wait until you are back in Texas. My wife bought beef from Cebu when we was having house warming. They cooked it for 8 hours and I think I was still chewing on it when I left 3 weeks later trying to get it down. I told her it must of been one of those cattle I see along the road where you can see their ribs and looks like they have been worked to death and after they drop they sale it for food.

    1. Oh, I’ve already resigned to the fact that no beef they sell in the Philippines is going to be good enough for me, unless I want to dish out big bucks for Australian or New Zealand beef.
      I’m hoping that at the NCO Club on Osan AB in Korea they will have some USDA beef, they should. If not, I’ll go to the commissary and get some roast beef and make sandwiches. If they have a sandwich shop at the food court on base, they can expect to see me each time I pass by the country.

  3. MMMMMMM, corn beef. yummy, cook it up, put two or three eggs that are cooked over easy on top. smother with (american) ketchup….Heaven. You know John I sometimes wonder how you survive there, being such a picky eater lolol. Me? if it doesnt bite back, ill eat it. (except balut)

    1. Well Scott first of all I’m glad to hear from you again, it’s been awhile since your last comment. Next of all that combination you described above had a lot of red in it, so that sounded more like hell to me. But I’m sure there are plenty of things that I like that others despise. Last of all I sometimes wonder myself how I survive here, but I do know I lost that 30 kilos and I’m pretty much keeping it off without hardly trying. I do look forward to eating a decent steak and some Tex-Mex and that could be making me crazy though.

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