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4 thoughts on “Thursday – 4 Aug 2011

  1. Location, location….to some of us, it was already determined that our future place to retire is based on the wife’s desire to re-establish a home or business at her hometown. At this point in my life, maintaining my health is paramount. In our golden years, I prefer a relatively stress free environment: no business, no issues with extended family members and occasional luxury that we so richly deserve, especially for those retired from the US military. UJ – I really admire your patience and fortitude. We wish you the very best! Respectfully – Jake

    1. We moved close to her relatives here, well at least the ones that have jobs. I don’t mind a little work to keep up my mentality. Right now my patience and fortitude get tested almost daily. I know though it is only temporary and actually beginning next month, things will slowly start to get better. If all goes well, by August next year, we’ll be set. My main problem it seems is to stop Lita from being over ambitious. She has to learn, it’s time to retire and if you just have to have a business, let others do the work for you. She’s not like me. It’s not in her DNA to be lazy, but I’ve got no problem with it most of the time.

  2. John its sounds like you are getting burned out living in samar,you cant let the little things bother you or you will go crazy.I have seen it happen to a few guys i new
    usally after acouple of years.If you can ever get up to manila,angeles or subic you could get your fill of the things your missing.And you are right about the six months
    there in PI and six months in the states is what my wife and are planning on doing as she still wants to work,that way i can bring back things i will miss.Like a friend used to tell me dont let the little things bother you just go with the flow

    1. I try not to let things bother me, and they usually don’t. Even this “little thing” comes and goes. Even if I do get to one of the major cities, I’m not going to be able to get the beef I want. I think the closest place would be Osan AB in Korea. In the meantime, just a little trip to Tacloban would do wonders I think. In March when we go back to Texas, we will be there for 4 months, so that will give us an idea of what it will take to try to do the 6 and 6 thing. We still want to travel to other countries too, so someplace in there, 2-4 weeks will have to be altered for that vacation. I’m not so out of it today. I’ve got that tourist thing to work on for now. Maybe I just need more to do?

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