June 25, 2024

7 thoughts on “Thursday – 28 Oct 2010

  1. You’re welcome John. I did take a chance but I figured it was Dinty Moore so it had to be good.

    I had seen the corruption index before myself. Nothing to be proud of there for the Filipinos. Heck, nothing to be proud of for us Americans either.

    I started the process today in getting my 13A visa. Supposedly, I will have it in my grubby paws in 30 days or less.

    1. I want to get a 13A visa also, but Lita is delaying and may not even want one. Says she likes the idea of having to leave every year. I told her, we could still leave even if we had it. How much is that visa costing you, if you don’t mind me asking? I say that because if you are getting it within 30 days, that sounds like you had to grease some palms.

      1. Yes, a few palms. 50K is the cost. I could have done it myself for much less but I don’t have the patience to deal with the bureacracy here which makes America’s bureacracy look positively amateur by comparison.

        1. I’m assuming you mean 50K pesos, not dollars. I guess you think it’s worth all that, since you’re getting it, but Wow! Yeah I hear there is a lot of red tape and I wouldn’t have the patience for that either. Maybe that’s why it is that way, so they can do it and make money.

  2. you have a good improvement on your count uj…..i will keep it posted your blog in my facebook…bdw whose driving you to the bank?

    1. Yes the numbers are going higher, and I hope they go much higher. I’m trying everything I know to make it higher, but I don’t know everything. I don’t know who’s driving me to the bank. I’ll probably find someway though.

  3. I read the same corruption index. It seems that two years ago PI was ranked 139. The pres was raving about the big improvement in corruption (from 139 to 135). But PI was tied with 9 other countries for 135 so no real improvement.

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