June 6, 2023

7 thoughts on “Shopping for Pepsi Music and Things

  1. Maybe I will just wait till feb 8th my friend from texas will be here with his gf, it will save Flor from cooking a big breakfast for 4 so I know she would like it. My neighbor and his friend raved about island cafe’s American breakfasts. just a 1/2 block from SO Cafe towards Gomez street.

      1. I’ll try and swing by and find out, it’s not all that far from me, I’ll see it i can snap a good shot of their menu and prices too

  2. Tomato and cucumbers again? You don’t like eggs,frenchtoast,omlettes, fried potatos for breakfast? LOL no I’m not inviting you over just suggestting them.

    1. Sure I like all that too. We don’t have any eggs in the house at the moment so that rules out the eggs, french toast and omelet’s. I eat too much fried food as it is, especially fried potatoes, so I just to get something different when I can.
      I should find out today if I will be able to go to the coffee shop/shops downtown this weekend. You up for it say on Sunday morning?

        1. I found out I won’t be able to go until probably Wednesday morning, can you do it then? You can name the time and place, just not too early. I’ll have to find them both, I don’t remember ever seeing either of them, I just know they are there.

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