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6 thoughts on “Thursday – 19 May 2011

  1. Regarding the issue on corruption, the politicians are actually the ones not to be blamed. I’ll give you an example, I’m a Filipino born raised and studied here, I may be young but I know a thing or two about knowing where to put the foot down. You see in the years 1965-1971 the Philippines was actually the SECOND richest country in Asia (japan was the wealthiest) We only started to wear down when preseident Marcos came to power. at his first term as pres. he was renowned to be one of the best pres. the country had to offer. later on in his presedency he discovered loopholes in the Philippines Constitution and was able to establish his own constitution favoring him. Mesmerized by the lush of greed and power he hung on to it as if it were dear life. To sum it all up and as simple even for a kindergarten kid to understand, Marcos (representing the politicians of the philippines) was ridding a tiger, if he got off the beast it would surely devour him. so instead he took advantage of it. He knew that no one in the philippines could beat him as long as his opponent wasn’t as rich and powerful. So logically speaking the easy solution for marcos was to enter dictatorship and eventually USA interfered because of democratic discrepancies between marcos and America and led to his exile. It wasn’t his fault though, he gestured that no real politician can win in a race unless he uses $$ so he was simply getting back at the people for what he gave them. All in all his rise and fall, corruption and economic improvements in his reign was all blamable not to him but to the people. the people themselves were corrupt. they wouldn’t vote if no one offered a little chaching in exchange. that ends my comment hehehe :p

    1. And you are absolutely right. The power of the land still lies with the people. But it is not a power if they do not decide to exercise their rights. Having a people power every other President is not the right answer. As I’ve been saying, if the politician pays for the vote, then they will be crooked when they get into office and get that money back, with interest, all at the expensive of the people. At this time PNoy is doing a decent job and I expect things to get better. He has many years of corruption and poverty to fix, so it will take time, but he is heading in the right direction. He sets the standard and it’s up to the people to make sure that standard is met. Stay involved in the government business, write to your Senators, ask questions, it’s your right and your responsibility. I really hope the Philippines can pull it all together in the near future. If ever a country deserved to be happy, it’s this one.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting on the blog and I hope to hear more of your viewpoint again. It good to hear from some Filipino people to get their viewpoint on matters.

  2. yes it is very sad,the peaple are so used to it they dont seem to care about it.the president seems to want to change things and i hope he does but in such a short time i dont see how he can do it.we can only hope and keep our fingers crossed.

    1. Well I hope he at least gets the ball rolling in this next 5 years and the next President keeps it rolling. It would be a waste if the next President just let things revert back to the way they are now.

  3. I liked this blog today john. Very informative on the way the Philippines is so very corrupt. So sad. Its such a beautiful country with beautiful smiling people and would be nice if things could change for the better there.

    1. Well I’m glad you are now well informed. I really hope things will turn around here, and soon. The Filipino has been getting screwed for so long that some of them don’t even know they are being screwed anymore. They just think that that is how life is suppose to be, but, of course, it isn’t.
      So when will you be visiting again?

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