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4 thoughts on “Thursday – 15 Sep 2011

  1. Afew days back you were talking about the deli in angeles,
    they sure do have some nice meats there,steaks, roast and very good ham.The same company also has store in subic with
    a very good bakery next door bread like back home.there also is a store on subic base called Royall that sells all the sauces you like,if and when you can get up there you should check them out. that is the only bad thing about being down in samar,i miss the stores and food from up north.

    1. The have steak there? Is it like USDA steak? Probably not. I don’t even have an oven to cook a roast or ham, but if I had one I’m sure Lita would be able to find a way to cook it outside. For now I’d be happy enough for just the sandwich meat cuts. I really miss a good sandwich.

      1. yes they used to have steaks and i am sure they still do not quite as good as the in the USA but pretty darn good,good hamburger to.but the meat is kind of angeles the have a place called pure gold
        that has pretty good meat and much cheaper than barreto.

        1. Well I’ve had some pretty nasty hamburger since I’ve been here, so if it turns out I like it, then I’d probably buy a few kilos.
          For the most part, the way my thinking is right now, I’d be pretty dang happy with some good roast beef, ham, salami and sausage.

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