May 27, 2024

6 thoughts on “Thursday – 11 Nov 2010

  1. just finish reading your blog….are there any other relatives go with you in the river?i see only my favorite uncle

    1. Khany, Bebie, Tony, Denisa’s Mom (whatever her name is), her Mom too, Juvic.
      I thought I was your favorite Uncle?

  2. Interest comment on your wieght issues in the military. My brother had the same problem when he was stationed in Suibc Bay in the Navy. When it cam time for reenlistment, he was over the limit, but his SO assigned to seaman to follow him around for a month and keep him of the trash food and on a fitness routine. It must have worked as he started to do triathalons and such when he moved over to Honolulu. Maybe you can hire a few of personal trainers to follow you around and go for walks and such. haha. I am trying to keep under 200 so now how it goes…


    1. Interesting approach the Navy took in that case. I wish the Air Force would have thought of that while I was in, it just could have worked.

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